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  1. Thanks, couldn't believe it, bike shopping once I sold my 125 tho
  2. Hi, only gone and passed my mod2 this morning, I'm now a fully fledged biker!! Eeee exciting!! [emoji16][emoji16]
  3. I just want to share this photo to show my reason for now been a biker, my grandad was everything and his love for bikes is what got me into them, here is him and his deaville.. He will always be in my mind when I take my bike out
  4. Thanks everyone, gona book my DAS soon as...[emoji3]
  5. Well it's also my 24th birthday today so now I'm going in for my a1 licence getting that booked next, love my 125 but it's been a bigger to me and I would like to use the motorway to get to work
  6. Had my theory at 10 today, looked at the screen and just thought "Shit I don't have a clue!!" Kept on going kept thinking in failed but then when he handed my letter I just wanted to scream.. I don't no why I just had in my head is at pass this since I passed my car one 5 year ago I would have felt like shit if I hadn't but I did!! Yey ... What's next!!!
  7. No problem, Ace is beside the arnison centre so not far from chester le street. Thanks, Havnt booked it yet got my theory 23rd then booking after but I'm defo going with them. Good luck with yours also. Helen
  8. Hi, there's a couple of good ones in Team valley, I work there and I see them out all the time and Iv heard good reviews, I'm doing my mod1 &2 with ACE but that's in durham might be a bit far. If your on facebook join the group northeast bikers, if you after local info they are really good. Helen
  9. Knob of the day goes to me unfortunately, bikes been acting up so took it to my boyfriends too look at, had to get my dad to jump start it as battery was flat, got there fine no problems at all part from missed my junction once cause I was thinking too much but got to his fine, went to put it in the garage and again couldn't start it back up and the second I got off it I dropped it, I don't no how it happened it just went, but as it did a family walked past and had the shock of their life, made a right tit of myself, bet the family walking past thought I was showing off or sumit but made a ti
  10. Hi, been waiting for a review on WK bikes, I have the WK125RR ad I'm still learning, the bike itself is quite good never had any problems but when it comes to the electrics iv had issues, my lights have gone off a couple of times (luckily never used in the dark) and now my dash, iv been told it could be just loose wiring but iv had it looked at and iv bought a new handlebar switch, hope it fixes the problem... I have my mods booked in May so might not have it much longer
  11. Delivery not too bad, I got an alpine star jacket which I'm using, I got it within 2 weeks and the delivery charge was quite reasonable considering the size and the weight, think it was only £7, I ordered that in September last year
  12. Thanks, there's not many clothes dealers round Durham, I'v been up newcastle a couple of times but the prices for the suit I want are so expensive round 5-6 hounded but on the fc moto site iv found the same for £300. I'm in no rush. Once I've past my mods then I'll buy full kit.
  13. Aww yea, but of a blonde moment, I just though it would give you more of a choice with top n bottom and chest size, thanks anyway
  14. Hi, iv been looking for 2pc leathers and I found a website fc-moto, I ordered a jacket last year and it's been fine but when it comes to leather 2pc the sizes confuse me they only give you the option between 40-52 , what does this mean and where is this measured from?? Any help will be appreciated as they are good brands for discount
  15. I usually don't have road rage or get angry but the other morning on the way to work (by car as bike broke) the sun was very low but luckily i was driving in the opposite direction and luckily I was slowing down for a bend as a women decided not to stop at the junction joining the road but to stop at the white lines in the middle of the road I was on, all I saw was her kids playing in the back n her looking at me with a clueless face as I emergency stopped with my horn blasting!! Then as is raised my hands she just mimed that she couldn't see cause of the sun! :0 I have never felt so angry
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