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  1. Just to offer some positive news, these new variants are highly unlikely to defeat the vaccine. And when they do find ways around it, they don't do so in leaps and bounds, but they chip away at the efficacy of the vaccine. So a 95% protection could be reduced to 90%, but it is vanishingly unlikely it could make it down close to 0%. The vaccines are proving effective, and are easily tweaked to cover the new strains, so I'm hopeful we will see this thing off.
  2. I've got some home projects out of the way to break the monotony of working from home and watching Netflix. I demolished my bathroom, all the way back to brick and built it back up again. I'm now converting my garage into a workshop, and got the new bench built yesterday. Hoping to get either a second bike or a project in there in the next month or two. TV wise I'm going through the old classics, Long way round/down/up, as well as all the stuff Charley Boorman did away from Ewan, which is on Prime I think.
  3. If you wouldn't mind, I'm busy with her mums Hive
  4. This pandemic has found a way to kill the older generation, or at least their financial reserves it seems. I've just had a new Boiler installed, a British gas install as my company owns them, and I'm a top floor flat so scaffold was needed for installing the flue. Still cost a pretty penny but was a bit cheaper than everyone else. A rare thing to say in the context of British Gas. But my girlfriends Nest packed in while she was away, but I used a £7 mechanical thermostat while the warranty claim got sorted. Google are a pain in the arse to deal with, after everything they tr
  5. Milwaukee M12 Fuel electric ratchet wrench, which has 75nm of torque. Fell in love with one after one got put in my hands when I was helping out on a project and my dad took note when I was going on about it. Got myself a Milwaukee impact gun, 340nm of torque, 3/8 one. They will be the tools I use most, so next birthday/christmas I'm hoping for the 18v grinder so I can venture into the 18v stuff and have two collections. My garage doesn't have mains power but I've got a plan that will stop me having to trek out to Wales to borrow my dads workshop so much, it just might take until next Chr
  6. Good morning Anyone by chance ever had a BMW R1100S? There’s one going cheap near me as a project, 48k miles. Owner says it was always serviced but one day wouldn’t start. Issue is thought to be kill switch, or ECU related. If they’re known for electrical gremlins, I may pass. If it’s a good bike that just happens to have them, may take it on.
  7. Well, that makes my case for keeping some financial separation a bit stronger It never ends well for Lars. Either he convinced them to run off and he will do the same to her. Or she played you as the evil party she needed to be saved from and he will find out at some point. But this kind of structures my view. Everyone knows or has been through a horror story. So it seems too common for me to ever give up certain liberties. Some see this as a way of keeping the exit door clear, trust issues etc. But to me, it accommodates the unexpected which can occur due to an abuse of
  8. I've been using my dads workshop as its powered and big... But it's also in Wales. So this weekend I'm starting the process that will see my garage developed to have a work bench, complete with power tools, and a 2.2kw quiet running generator I love projects like this
  9. My parents do things jointly, they've been together 35+ years. And I imagine it was the same with both sets of their parents. And I see why most people opt to join up finances in someway, but I now prefer to keep things largely separate. Never had financial issues in all the house shares/living with friends/relationships I've had apart from once, but it lead to some permanent changes. Due to a wage gap I was paying 70% of the rent/bills, which carried over when we bought a house. She then asked for a joint account but wanted to extend the 70/30 split into her personal spending
  10. Morning folks, popping in to say hello. Seeing from the last couple of pages it's all been booting off a bit. Guess it's inevitable as with the Covid situation, and time of year when people are at their most down anyway. If you've ever seen someone fall into depression, things like their sense of humour are a give away when it goes from light hearted to outright insulting and they don't feel it's any different. Hopefully when the living situation improves, we will see some flouncers re-join the fray.
  11. Seen a lot of this in the FB groups, and agree it falls under "toxic" behaviour. Some guy was giving a girl grief for paying a garage to fit her new exhaust. And then put up pictures of his new exhaust, and I ignored it until he used the phrase "proper biker". So I posted a pic where I cut/welded different manufacturers exhaust parts to make a system for my last project, and another where someone literally made the downpipes. And pointed out I could tell him I was proper, and he wasn't, as could the guy who made his own pipes say that to me. If you ride a bike you're a biker, if yo
  12. It's quite a big debate in safety engineering. You don't want it too hard, as the deceleration will turn your organs into mush (Grosjean hit 53G peak forces). You can bet next year that section will have been redesigned, as a lot of the protection built into tracks is based on risk. I was watching live and thought I was seeing a Niki Lauda style situation. When he hopped out you could see him shaking his hands as he's obviously burnt a lot of skin. Amazed he got off so light!
  13. No spark? Hows your connection between the coil and spark plug? Bit of a wild card guess, but make sure the drop didn't damage any wiring, and that the connections to the ECU are good.
  14. Good afternoon, building a new bathroom these past 2 weeks, helping me get through this lockdown part 2. Being in Manchester is tricky, our numbers never went down, but I guess the upshot is we will have lower rates over winter as more have had it and got the virus out of the way... Hopefully...
  15. Find this thread funny as I recently got into a scuff with someone over it. I ignored her various rants over the days until I spotted one where I saw she was a first time dog owner, and called someone who politely tried to placate/reason with her a c-word. So I decided to dose her with her own poison. Told her she sounded like someone who had moved in next to a pub, and now wanted the pub to close because of the noise, but previously never had a problem going to pubs next to houses before, so maybe back off the name calling and try and talk it out with people Cue piles of drivel, name
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