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  1. Been divorced 5 years, my ex wife was cool about me and my bikes. She used to ride pillion and in the 90s we used to go to lots of GP/WSB/BSB races together. When she got pregnant with my son she stopped going on the bikes but that's understandable.She used to say that one parent dying was better than two. She persuaded me to give them up for a couple of years but I just couldn't stand it and bought another Fireblade without her knowing. She went insane but later accepted that's what I love. So she went and had an affair, f**ked everything up and lost everything we had. Funny old world.
  2. https://i.imgur.com/LhFwvhL.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'> Guitar playing mostly. Seeing as we've got another month of lockdown, I had a 'f**k it' moment today, went to Andertons and bought a Keeley Dark Side pedal to tap into my inner Gilmour. 4 hours later my fingers are stinging, it's so good 😎
  3. This. Total waste of time and money. Buy the best lock and chain you can afford and use a ground anchor. Alarms take a few seconds to disarm. A quality chain takes at least a few minutes and an angle grinder which is a lot of hassle for a thief.
  4. https://i.imgur.com/oBXTZqr.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'> Nice little run out of 100 miles, passing by Devils Dyke. Used the Calimoto app and for the most part it found some very nice twisties. It gets a thumbs up from me
  5. I'd love a beer and steak Six, but when you're told that you have a serious cardiac condition you kinda take stock and adjust. For me, I'd love both of them.
  6. Good to hear mate. For you, balance is working.
  7. Exactly, that's my philosophy. Once we're gone, we're gone. No second chances.
  8. That's interesting, I suffered from gout in the past and whenever I have I have switched to vegetarian it has always improved. For gout I always drink lots of water. Gout is very personal though, I can set off an attack just from eating beetroot!
  9. Just to start. I have no issues with people drinking alcohol and eating meat, at all. There, that's done. No need to argue it. Anyway, over the past 12 months I've had more than my fair share of physical health issues and as I would like to carry on living for a few more years rather than croaking early I've had to make some adjustments. I'm 51 so with that in mind I have made some adjustments to my lifestyle as well as taking lots of medication and attending hospital appointments along the way. I've also made some positive steps already, lost nearly 4 stone in weight by maintainin
  10. I love that I can have half and half when I go to Wales. Proper carb overload though!
  11. A victory in my opinion mate. You managed to get out and at least get 25 mile under your belt. Little steps and keep building on them. Fingers crossed for you.
  12. Totally relate. I work as a nurse in a mental health community crisis team. We are at the point of being overwhelmed by referrals. Really struggling at the moment.
  13. Brings back memories of the 1980s. 2 million is tragic but it rose to 3 million under Thatcher and there wasn't a pandemic going on at the time. Maybe Johnson can spin it as a success.
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