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  1. They send your new licence out rather fast. A week and I had mine I believe
  2. Lol very smart. Well done on your test
  3. I want a supermoto!! They look so much fun
  4. One thing leads to another lol at least ypu know you've cleaned and made good every little cranny [WINKING FACE][WINKING FACE]. bet it's been enjoyable to do looks great mate
  5. http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/07/30/7a8c37155584534109c5659e2f8111a0.jpg
  6. Guys if ypu have a android tablet or what not download showbox of the Internet. It's best movie/show app iv found. Top gear is on there and I'm sure they will get the new ones on there too. I brought a little hdmi adapter so I can plug it onto the living room tv. All new movie on there too.
  7. Oh this is a tricky one. Hope you get some info
  8. When I'm riding and putting in neutral it won't show 0 until I come to a full stop. What gear indicator you got?
  9. If filtering guys and somone opens their door. Their fault?
  10. Well done again mate. Get that das sorted [WINKING FACE]
  11. I build new home for a living and we always go gas. Faster and more efficient. Me.. Iv had a combi boiler in a bedroom befor when I was younger and it was fine. only used to come on when somone uses the water or heating. Most people turn it off when going to sleep anyway.
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