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  1. Back home by early afternoon. Got the re set i needed. Full week of beach, sun and drinking. Feeling it now though. My liver is gently weeping.....lol Anyway. Back to a 64 hour week from tomorrow day shift....
  2. Twas the bacon butty n coffees what did it. Oh and me n stu talking shite about bikes for 4 hours.....lol
  3. Happy birthday mate
  4. Proper nice. Its like 40% alcohol soup. Belting
  5. Its lovely is warm gin. Gin Street in piece hall halifax do it every Xmas out of soup vats. Fantastic gear..lol
  6. Good stuff. Just had a quick few n back in van now on gin. Bloody freezing
  7. Oh shit. You posted too Ian. Sorry mate. Lisa has banned me from posting owt even slightly contentious on FB.....
  8. Its bloody chucking it down... I need to go into town for some teacakes.
  9. As awful as this is. Jesus @BenderI've just clicked on a Sxx link. I need to go get a shower n go mass.
  10. On gin. So now on dialectable speech... Should tetleys bitter but I'm getting more middle class as I age.....lol
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