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  1. So serious question then. What are they primarily used for ?
  2. Searching for dirty mancs breaking lockdown rules.... I have no idea what a police surveillance aircraft is?
  3. I don't scotch (foreigner) anymore. I used to just sup the profit anyway. When saving up prior to kids, any day i was off shift I'd be trying to get a scotch in. Was always knackered and would then think oh well best go for a pint..... Knocked it on head properly about 5 year back.
  4. I think to some extent we already use this amongst friends, family and neighbours. I converted my neighbours garage into a sodding poodle parlour where she now runs a dog grooming business. I got a bottle of gin, dog haircuts and IT expertise from her husband for life...lol Always done this. My mates a solicitor but dyslexic with tackle. I get legal advice, he gets central heating put in. Simple and effective way.
  5. Watching the mighty whites at 3. MOT Went for an early morning walk. Lisa, I and dog. Treacherous conditions to say the least. Sleeting down onto frozen snow!! Starting to melt a bit now thankfully.
  6. Evidently the little buggers been snap chatting me???? Grace has grassed him up....lol
  7. At present it appears to be 12 pints of stella. I just need a kebab and some unexplained blood on me.....
  8. I have a 58 and 69 small sticker on the screen. And 1 small white rose. Nothing over noticeable. Obviously the 2 numbers in respect. And the white rose. Well because i can
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