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  1. Well this project has been on hold. It seems finding a decent auto electrician is not an easy thing. So I have found another new loom on EBay. From similar year so fingers crossed a strip down and replace is back on the cards... I will also run additional cable for Auxiliaries as the charging for these has been weak. Plus a relay for the horn as this is larger than standard and if used to often blows a fuse...
  2. Nah he got caught in Tesco without a facemask.... On serious note hope all works out for you @dynax
  3. In my time I have been the dreaded "safety officer" in the end I got banned from taking and sending photos to the office following any incidents. My safety flipflops and shorts normally got in shot and questioned, more than the actually incident Regarding insulation our shower our vent has always had a drip when its used, this started staining my new ceiling. So action required, I wrapped foam packaging and bubble wrap round the pipe in the loft, no more drip. The extractor Fan might last longer now its no longer constantly wet
  4. I hope one has PM'd you and given the advice you need - although my experience is Solicitors do not give advice for free. Do remember that's all your getting from a solicitor advice and massive charges for following legal process. Law is huge subject so a hint at the area would be a good thing someone on here will of had experience in the area you need. There is good information on line about legal process, in days before COVID courts would freely give advice about legal process. If your right and can take your time learn about the process the forms and information are available for
  5. @husoi needs a remote control for his bike with a keyboard so he can sit in the trailer make a true arm chair biker....
  6. Jumping in a bit late on this however, and hoping not to be teaching you to suck eggs. Remember when your doing any gasket / manifold or anything else. what your actually trying to achieve. At the end of the day a sump if only holding a liquid in to a depth of afew inches, there is minimal pressure the nuts only need tightening up a little. It is more important you tighten them up diagonally in a sequence so you do not pinch one end down so you can never get good seal on other end. Its the same with exhaust manifolds it might only be 2 nuts but do them both little by little. My norma
  7. @jedibiker I am far from an expert on bike camping although have ended up in a tent most years for one reason or other. Often to do other hobbies involving being cold and wet. Modern Tech that I have found works for chairs are these: Chair light weight Mine was from Aldi and looses the leg feet in soft ground, however I can normally find something to put under the legs to spread the load. Surprisingly comfortable for beer or food. Camping grounds are variable, I carry a handful of larger pegs for guidelines on soft ground to keep tent up if its breezy. Sleeping bags I take 2
  8. To be fair I can see the logic in one done right it means you could put your tent away dry unless its pissing it down. Mine spend a few days hanging in the loft before it getting put away for next trip.
  9. Cheap Tarps come in standard sizes, you could just double up the excess. Then as you say keep it smaller than the foot print of the tent. For a long while tents have come with flysheets and ground sheet built in. Has it got sleeping compartment or is it just the waterproof outer? However you maybe better off looking at Facebay round here plenty of tents going at allot less than retail prices...
  10. All this talk of restrictions on marriage made me check: Guidance is "you should only consider booking a wedding or civil partnership (or continuing with one that is already booked) in exceptional circumstances. This may be for example, if you or your partner is seriously ill and not expected to recover, or is to undergo debilitating treatment or life-changing surgery. Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies must only take place with up to 6 people. Anyone working is not included." Do you think exceptional circumstances would include so we can end our 12 year engagement and get marrie
  11. My Yamaha I don’t take anything my triumph I have enough tools to strip it. Which is not many, however it’s always got me home. It’s just once the vacuumed hose broke and that needs just about every tool to get to it. Normally I have tape or cable ties some where. Recovery and proper job when I get home is my attitude.
  12. My little Thomatsu 3.5hp has taken allot of abuse spent afew years pushing a 24' boat, I was working it out its a fair age now day. Biggest issue is tank range 1 hour or put in practicable terms, enough to push a 24' boat passed the pier into Yarmouth harbour. However its not enough to push it out passed the pier with a strong flood running, having put sails up sharp a couple of times I learned to refuel fuel every visit MIsses bought me a seagull for £15 never used it. when she brought it home I gave it a quick pull to see if it was seized, bloody thing fired first pull. Convinced
  13. Can I nominate for yesterday the cyclist, who gave me abuse for reversing parking in front of him. Stopped indicated, looked behind started to reversed in, was given a load of abuse by said cyclist. It was dark he was dressed in dark clothes and he had no lights
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