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  1. 2 months in still quiet! (lockdown) JRH-30 TimR-10
  2. I need to stop looking at this thread when I'm at work! making me hungry and I don't bring food to work often
  3. Nah! we had fry up yesterday! Roast beef Sunday lunch later though
  4. mine started! have put it away again now, need to get out and ride it
  5. The alarm has come back to life! I'll give it another couple of hours on charge then try to start it. I am cautiously optimistic!
  6. I've just uncovered mine and got it out of the garage! It's completely dead! No alarm no ignition no nothing! I've put it on charge and it says it's charging so I'll give it a few hours and see if there's any sign of life
  7. Good Morning What is that big bright thing in the sky?
  8. you mean the gallery? I would do a ride report and put the pic there
  9. Good Evening We've just had chippy tea! Even better! mine was free! I won it in a F/B competition virtual karaoke/talking shite with the Norfolk Nutters soon!
  10. Another rider has been announced to compete in the FIM Supersport World Championship in 2021 as Maria Herrera returns to the Championship with the Biblion Motoxracing Yamaha WorldSSP Supported Team, with the team receiving Yamaha support throughout the season. It is the team’s second season in WorldSSP while it will be Herrera’s third campaign in the Championship as she looks to build on two part-time efforts as she embarks on the WorldSSP Challenge in 2021. Herrera, 24, has experience of both WorldSSP and WorldSSP300 in her career which the team believes will be just what they need as they
  11. The FIM Supersport World Championship in 2021 will see some of the most competitive racing in the class’ history, but one of the strongest teams is already eyeing up a move to the World Superbike category. Christophe Guyot’s GMT94 Yamaha team, who have run Jules Cluzel since 2019 and will have Federico Caricasulo alongside for 2021, are aiming to take to the premier class in the future as they plan to graduate right up to the pinnacle of production-derived action. “Of course, when you enter the World Supersport Championship, it is because you expect to achieve the World Superbike Championshi
  12. Australia: home to koala bears and kangaroos, Bondi Beach and Ayers Rock; home to motorcycle racing legends and iconic motorsport venues. This weekend, the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship belongs to Australia. A country that’s given countless Phillip Island thrillers, 13 podium finishers, 11 WorldSBK winners and two Champions, this is Australia’s WorldSBK story. Despite bundles of Phillip Island history, it wasn’t the first Australian venue welcoming WorldSBK action; Oran Park in Sydney opened its doors to World Superbike in 1988, with Mick Doohan taking pole position and a double win
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