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  1. I bought a 2019 Tiger XRT new in Sept 2019. I commute most days all year round. Its now done 13k miles. Overall I like the bike, its has all the toys, its econmical to commute and so far its been reliabe. But as with everything there are downsides. I'm suprised at the corrosion. Exhaust ends have been replaced under warranty - minor I know but distrcated from the look Panniers have not faired well in the weather - wont be getting brushed aluminium again! I had a scottoiler x fitted from the first. It has been replaced once as the first just stopped working, the second has
  2. I bought my CBF in January 2014. So far done 2,300 or so miles on it. I normally ride out on a Sunday, sometimes just a few miles, sometimes a couple of hundred. For what I use it for its ideal. Little country lanes and back roads, where if need be I can almost pick it up and turn it around. I did say almost On the couple of times I have taken it out onto fast dual carriageways, it maintains 60 ish on the flat. I try to find a HGV I can sit behind, keeping his mirrors in sight, and dawdle along in his wake! Reliability has been first class without any of the problems you read about
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