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  1. PS3 only for me, my brother in law has a spectrum zx which he bought off ebay a while back, forgot how addictive some of the games were.
  2. It depends on the brand and how they fit you, i normally go a size up from normal denim jeans to allow things to be worn underneath, like work trousers etc. Try a few on and see how you feel, if you can, either sit on a bike or squat down to make sure they are comfy when your legs are bent.
  3. I sort of agree with this, however.... What happens when the kid wakes up? do they get lots of attention? do they get given a drink and a cuddle with Mummy? do they get food? If the parents answer yes to any or all of the above then they need to stop. Kid wakes up and knows if it screams it gets attention, if the parents stop that behaviour, Kid wakes up, knows screaming wont do any good so drops back off. Kids are smarter then we give them credit for and we seem to be too quick to look for an excuse as to why they behave the way we do, if we can come up with ADHD/Aspergers etc then i
  4. I have the Richa Mugello jacket, little bit more than your budget however it comes with a decent back protector which is worth the extra if you can stretch to it. Been very impressed so far, it's got vents that zip open front and back to allow a cool breeze through and a removable thermal liner for when things get a bit colder. i have the black and white one, but it is also available in just black. Really comfortable on and off the bike, leather feels good quality. http://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcy ... rod/199186 They also do a slightly cheaper jacket which also has good
  5. Have you tried the led indicators with the original relay? if they flash but are too fast then i would say it sounds like a dodgy relay to me. Was it a decent kit or a fleabay bargain?
  6. Def not normal, i blame the parents But on a serious note, a lot of it depends on how you bring them up, do they do anything when they start screaming or just leave them to it, if the kids get away with it then they don't know its not acceptable to behave like that. If it were my child and they had a melt down like that, i would calmly say that if they carry on then they wont get anything and they can then sit in the corner until they stop. If the parents don't do anything, the kids just think its okay to do it and carry on.
  7. Unluck buddy, you'll smash it next time. Only time i have ever done a u-turn properly was on my test
  8. I did my CBT having never ridden a bike before, then rode for 6 months on a 125 then took my DAS, its changed a bit now as i was 22 when i did mine, but same principal applies. I would do your CBT first see how you get on, then progress from there.
  9. Once a week through summer, every Tuesday evening from about 6ish onwards. Lots of bikes go down, its good for a quick stop and gander. I often use it as a start point for a ride out, so head down, hang around for half hour while grabbing food/staring at bikes, then head off somewhere for a blast. Only managed twice this year so far due to other commitments.
  10. Love the fact his BS finally got outed and probably in the best possible way!!
  11. I'm interested in what this could be? i already have a safety device, it's called my brain and i use it to tell me to not touch the exhaust after I've been for a ride. Worked for me so far!!
  12. If you sign up with experian: www.experian.co.uk/CreditCheck‎ you get a free 30 day trial, that will tell you what your credit score is, just remember to cancel before the 30 days so you don't get charged their monthly fee
  13. Depends on the job and the car, i can do a service on my bike relatively easily, however i helped my neighbour do just an oil change on his ford focus, and god damn it i couldn't believe where they put the filter, felt like we had to take half the engine bay out just to get access. I find it a lot easier to work on bikes but that's only because i can actually see what i'm doing as opposed to cars where everything is in there somewhere, and if i just reach in and dislocate my wrist 5 times i might be able to get to it.
  14. I live just round the corner from a primary school, i get loads of the kids admiring the bike when there on route to school, lots of them park down our road as its easier than parking out the front of the school. Always nice to get a friendly wave from a few kids and there mums, although some of them look at you like your the devil for riding a motorbike. But hey ho some nice looking mums out there too which always brightens my day before i head off to work.
  15. I got a warrior bleed kit from fleabay cost me £6 incl delivery comes with a one way valve to stop air getting back in, makes bleeding the brakes very easy. Company i got mine from was JJC race and rally, ordered a few bits off them and never had a reason to moan.
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