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  1. This is turning into a really heavy conversation! @Moo it's good to hear it from your perspective! it would have been so easy to give up contact, as it was made so difficult to see him, I was threatened with everything. untill I went to a solicitor and a lovely letter was sent and our arrangement has been the same now for 5 years. She still tries it on now and again and i just smile and grit my teeth as it is usually when my son is in the room. I just get him ready and mumble under my breath as it's his wellbeing that matters I can sort my own out when he is older. this was by no
  2. hey guys, Well the split wasn't very amicable, but that was 8 years ago now and I'm married again. I see what you mean though and If I am honest I am going to wait till he is a little older and in high school. that way he will have his own mind. @onesea: I kind of know how you feel, I have had him used against me as a weapon and ways to get money when she wanted to go out for the night and as a babysitter (Instead of his dad). they can turn really nasty at times. @Moo: I'm glad things worked out with your dad. and you have a healthy relationship now?
  3. I didn't know cavemen had chimneys
  4. and get out of the side are looking like this?!
  5. I saw one of those at a bike meet last night, it sounds like a beast, had an exhaust conversion on it sounded like a massive mike till i saw it pull in then i was impressed that something that deep and loud could come out of something so tiny!
  6. Azen

    Summer cold

    that sounds like the start of my night out that!
  7. it's like what earl said! no amount of logic at all would convince her otherwise and Ranthat is f***ng amazing!!! I kinda want to buy that now just to put on the bike anyway!!! I could get loads of shopping in there! that would keep him safe by piling the shopping in around him but seriously she is the type of person that would hold something like that over me if she ever did find out, no sense and no trying to convince her even though you are right, else she will cause a really crappy atmosphere and has a way of making you feel guilty even though it is their fault.
  8. well she has just shot me down, as she thinks he is too young to be on the back of a motorbike as he is only 8. I personally think he would be fine, he can reach the foot pegs, I can get him gloves, jeans jacket and a lid no problem, I guess I'm just a bit miffed about the whole thing!
  9. that's what i thought, I think my best course of action would be to take her and my son to pick out protective clothing that way she can see the durability of the clothing and the protective aspects and her mind would be put at ease a bit more. oh well 12 more years of this till I can never see her again!!! (that's when he turns 18!)
  10. Well done matey! what bike are you thinking of getting?
  11. Ok guys, Has anyone had a problem with their ex's letting your child on your motorbike? I'm having that problem at the moment, I feel safe with my child on the back and my child feels safe being on the back yet his mother, is a neurotic horse monster that has decided it isn't safe. How do i overcome this problem? I was thinking putting out a hit, but I got told that it isn't the done thing?!?!
  12. Azen

    Summer cold

    are the number how many you have to drink?
  13. My own, Flatline - Fatal Sacrament ^^
  14. I'm not surprised it happened though oily roads, no tread, and also India absolutly no road safety
  15. yep for me it's the money, I'm jealous a fook! I wish I had £500 to spend on a helmet that I would only wear 1 solid moth out of the year. hell if you want to throw your money away it's nothing to do with me but if your ever in the northwest and decide you don't like biking anymore pass me over that jacket
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