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  1. anyone based around Gloucester or the Forest area fancy a run up to the Elan valley on Sat 16th? Looks pretty chilly +6c but dry and sunny About 2hrs (ish) each way going via Monmouth and Hereford
  2. had these on my GSX650F for a few months now and find them really hard to fault, heard some people say they dont perform to well in the wet but i cant say ive noticed any real difference from the BT023's i had on before. Overall, not the best money can buy but an excellent choice if your not looking to spend to much,
  3. definitely the correct spacers, it went in for a new chain a sprocket set recently (£30 fitting so it wasnt worth the effort doing it myself). i asked if everything was ok with it and they said it was a bit of an effort to get back on but no problems.
  4. Saved a few quid on my last tyre change by taking the wheel off myself and dropping it into the local bike shop. Problem started when i tried to get it back on to the bike, had to pull both side of the swing arm apart get the wheel and spacers back in, sounds easy but when your trying to lift the wheel at the same time you need a few helpful friends Is there a best way/easier way to do it? Wheel is back on now, more for future refeance
  5. So i got this back last spring with 5000 miles on it, just hit 17,000. I wount list the full spec of the bike as there is more than enough info on that readily available. To start off the price, picked up mine for a touch over £4000 with full service history, which wasnt much to be fair. this was through a dealer and you can pick up them up a bit cheaper again especially if you dont mind an extra few miles. Performance isnt bad at all, i think Suzuki are pushing it a bit calling this a sport tourer but with 90bhp its not exactly lacking, ok its not going to keep up with dedicated sp
  6. something ive found is different brands of helmet seem to fit different head shapes better, also their sizing scale will differ slightly to, you maybe a M with brand A, and a L with brand B. Try on a good selection and find what you like and fits you well
  7. still looking mate? take my missus out on her 125 around Glos, Monmouth, Abergavenny ect so your more than welcome to join if your interested Paul
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