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  1. Move house, work on talking to the wife about a second bike, get life insurance and become a forum subscriber/donator....
  2. It’s a shame people have experiences like this. It gives many traders a bad name when there are some out there who are genuine and have the client’s best interests in mind when doing a job. As a Carpenter, I can never understand why some would do “half a job”! If it was me doing it, I’d want to leave a good impression because my reputation will be on the line and if the client is happy with the end result, then I would stand a better chance of work in the future by recommendation. I can’t speak for everyone because I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know everything and I onl
  3. Finished these this weekend! Started the first one during the first Lockdown because of boredom and no work, this time I have work but still got bored waiting for summer A project long overdue.... at least they will be ready for summer this time.
  4. No thankfully, he’s in the Construction environment.
  5. Turned up to work today and the apprentice had used his “initiative” to apply tape to his rear wheel to stop an air leak!! I have advised the correct course of action.
  6. It’s sitting in my shed at the moment. Going to describe it as ‘used condition’. I will upload a photo if someone Is going to want it... it’s buried and I can’t be bothered to dig it out Open to offers. Buyer will need to collect or arrange delivery from Eastbourne at your expense.
  7. I know there are a number of factors that are involved in what gives an exhaust it's own distinct tone but I wanted to know this answer more in depth when I decided to put a 'Slip-On' onto my 600rr. The obvious answers are some have baffles removed and some are aftermarket. When I put a Scorpion slip-on on my Street Triple, it was VERY loud and I never thought I would say it but after an hour of riding it, it became obnoxious! However, when I put a Scorpion slip-on onto my 600rr, it sounded a little louder but not much more than the stock exhaust. I was actually a little disappointed if I'm
  8. Thanks for the link.... It does look fairly straight forward, but my seat is no where near the size in the video. It’s about the size of a dinner plate at most! I also don’t think I’ll be able to get the original leather to refit afterwards, even if I do have a staple gun. Also my bike is only 3 years old, I wouldn’t want to risk myself potentially making a hash of it at this point. All the best with your project though. Hope it goes well
  9. I’m looking for a place I can send my bike seat off to to be altered for a more “softer” feel. Ideally in East Sussex but I’m willing to try others by recommendation outside the area.
  10. Thought about buying one as they seem to be in wide use. The thing is, any maintenance I’ve done on my cars or bikes... I’ve always just used spanners and a socket set. Will I benefit from using a Torque Wrench? Do I REALLY need one? If so, any recommendations?
  11. Thank you for the replies. I hadn’t considered that maybe shortening the pipe could potentially cause some melting issues. It’s also interesting to know that some of you feel it looks okay as it is. Looking at other brands of aftermarket exhausts, they all seem to have this same image of protruding out a little on this bike. I’m no expert but there’s obviously a good reason for why it does. Maybe I’ll learn to like it
  12. I’m trying to do some research in advance for a new slip-on for my bike. Looking at pictures like this above and cross referencing them with others who have actually got the same exhaust, the exhaust tip sticks out about 2-3”. It looks ugly in my opinion. Can I shorten the exhaust PIPE (not the exhaust “box”) by cutting out 2 inches and join the two sections together without welding? Is there a universal clamp of some description I can use?... https://www.eurocarparts.com/search/712110860?type=shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3Nv3BRC8ARIsAPh8hgK8HakiQPw0ALBq5c_UMvOhZZnrV4Rui3MA2uoF9EVPx
  13. I’m looking to get a slip-on for my CBR. I was looking at a Scorpion or an Akrapovic. I know the Akra is better but the price difference is huge. I’ve had a Scorpion before with no issues and I personally feel it is a good brand and it’s a lot cheaper. Someone has recently said though that the Scorpion in his opinion, can cause sputtering... True or False? Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.
  14. Yes, I am worried this may happen but only time will tell. From reviews, I found that shorter riders will get on better with it due to its ergonomics. I’m only 5ft 4” with an inseam of 30” and I felt very comfortable.
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