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  1. For me: Don’t trust a turn signal from another road user, wait for them to turn in or manoeuvre before you proceed.
  2. I would really enjoy something like this. For me, a HUD will be an instant sale. I’ll happily invest in one like in the video but I still personally think that sort of tech is out of reach because of the price it will need to be sold at. I’m hoping when Apple release their eyewear, it will have some sort of HUD feature that can be used while on the road.
  3. Simply asking out of curiosity, and also considering a new lid... mine is getting a little old now. I currently have: Shark S900...
  4. This 100%!! I don’t need to commute so much on the bike anymore and I really try to avoid riding in the rain and Icy conditions. As long as it’s dry, doesn’t have to be scorching hot, I’m happy. But in my opinion, putting on all the gear and taking it with you, will always be a chore for me. I’ve even talked myself out of taking the bike to work on sunny days because of what I need to do to make it happen
  5. I must admit, I’d prefer to use button controls or at least have the option to control it with either voice or buttons. I maybe better off going for the Freecom 4+ in this case.... it just seems silly money though when I’ll need to buy 2.
  6. It seems there are hardly any buttons.... is it all voice controlled?
  7. Why do you feel it’s complicated to use? I'm assuming it’s been used pretty heavily if your having to replace a battery after 3 years?
  8. Was there a specific reason why you chose this Model after the Q3?
  9. Well.... I am a sucker for good sounds! Is there a huge noticeable difference between the standard speakers and JBLs?
  10. I’m looking for a new intercom system. There are loads of options out there. I’m here to seek advice from those who have “tried and tested” some of them. I’m not looking at any specific brand and I’m also not looking at prices yet either, but with that being said I’m not looking to spend tones on a unit. I’d be happy to pay £250 and this would get me 2 units, one for the rider and the other for pillion. I’ll also consider buying one in a used condition unless someone feels this is a bad idea. I am primarily looking for the unit to be waterproof/water-resistant a
  11. “I can’t keep up with you lot, mine is only small”.... Overheard at a May Day event in Hastings.
  12. This looks good! It might come in handy for me actually. Got some family in France...
  13. Thanks for the replies so far! I’m due to get some heated grips installed so I’ll wait to see what happens after they’ve been fitted, as this will remove the standard grips anyway and I’m fairly certain they will be bigger. If the problem still persists after that, then I’ll look at other options like ‘grip puppies’ since they seem so recommended. I’ll also work on my riding posture and see if that helps.
  14. After riding 15 minutes or so, my fingers will begin to go numb and will gradually effect my entire hand. It has only been since owning my CBR which I got last year. I’ve tried adjusting my gloves, thinking they maybe too tight... this helps but only a little. Is my grip too tight on the throttle? (but I would of thought this would effect both hands, no?!) Maybe it’s me still needing to adjust to the riding position on this bike? Afterall, not much riding has been done because of Lockdown. Thoughts?
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