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  1. I went to the outskirts but an airboat tour was like $200 so I left it and walked the reserve
  2. Not my bikes, but a miami local I barely know from instagram invited me out for a cigar then let me ride his Zzr1400 last night. Then today I hired an mt09 and rode to the keys which was nice. Boring roads though jesus h Dead straight, no turns at all.
  3. It's lovely thanks chica - everything is open which is odd, people are crazy, it's 24 degrees and sunny, the girls are delightful and it's supremely expensive.
  4. Nope - still in miami. Back to Turkey tomorrow
  5. OMG - that's such a good idea! I have a rear paddock stand but cleaning the front is a ballache. Thank you - I'll get one before I next clear mine again!
  6. 1st post linking a website in an 11 year old thread hmmm...
  7. When the guy turns up standing gormlessly on your drive do you have to shout 'deliver me timberrrs!' at him?
  8. I do miss my bike terribly if that helps...
  9. Gimme a break stu - I'm homeless and jobless! And it doesn't matter where you go - everyone gets covid it seems.
  10. I'm in Miami and meeting a mate tomorrow. I was gonna hire a bike for the journey but he text me And he's right - look at these roads! I'd rather take the bus.
  11. My mt125 never missed a beat, bought used and sold used something like 1 year and 2k miles later for £100 loss
  12. Nah just anyone who's been in schengen in the last 2 weeks so not me.
  13. Ha I thought you meant the cops too
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