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    2020 Suzuki GSX-R1000R
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    West Sussex, UK

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    Watches, the gym, kick boxing, scotch, climbing, mountain biking, and motorbikes I guess

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  1. False neutral? Doesn't everyone get this sometimes? My suzuki does.
  2. geofferz

    Hi 😜

    I mean, I am drunk
  3. geofferz

    Hi 😜

    Merhaba, as the Turkish would say
  4. Yeah my old mt10 was a wheelie machine but I only ever pulled a few floaters really, no 'dank nooners'. People in the car park would say 'don't you have a hard time keeping the front end down?' No mate, not really.
  5. I used to think this until I timed myself one day. I can do it in 2 minutes.
  6. Fricking love cleaning my bike. I used to do it after most (80%?) rides. I miss it.
  7. My mate's bike insurance went up £50 a year only
  8. Nice mate. Just for reference my mate got done doing over 100 3 times in a week, got a 28 day ban, 11 points and a £1000 fine the other day.
  9. Such a simple solution for such a ballache of a job. I will get one if I come back to England.
  10. I'm going with yes. But hopefully stu will permit this shill because its a shit product and it will have the opposite of the desired effect, and we can all have a laugh.
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