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  1. And the wind your neck in award goes to Arwen. Fine, let a forum about bikes turn into spammy chain letters that everyone simply believes to be true. There is enough shitty websites for that already. I don't need to visit here any more if that's what it's gonna be filled with.
  2. Apparently not a poppy tin either. "Store was raising money for a local volunteer group which does river rescues "
  3. Can I suggest you do some fact checking before posting? The women stole it from Londis on the 20th October. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7603789/amp/Appalling-moment-shameless-shopper-makes-charity-collection-box.html At least one of them was charged and arrested. Due in court on the 31th of this month https://www.meathchronicle.ie/news/roundup/articles/2019/10/24/4181471-woman-charged-in-connection-with-charity-box-theft/
  4. My local is expecting the new bikes in around March time. From what I gather BMW do "better" apr on new bikes than used bike. But hardly ever 0%
  5. Means you need to give more money
  6. Arwen


    lol ouch ! Hope that wasn't an expensive helmet
  7. Looks like loads of fun! I was hoping to get out for a bit today, however I've still not fitted heated grips to the rebel and can only find one winter glove…
  8. True... However has the OP done any sort of refresher courses in 50 years of riding? Can they pass mod 1 and 2 themselves? I am of course presuming that the OP is wanting to teach their son, and not just ride pillion for the shit and giggles.
  9. I remove it as the dust during the summer months sticks to it, and it looks horrendous.
  10. Heated grips are the answer. I am so missing mine Outlast liners help. As do glove that have a windproof layer in them.
  11. I ACF-50'ed the rebel the day after I got it a few weeks ago. Been out on it nearly every day since As for getting ACF-50 off... lovely soapy warm bath does it. Warm water and a decent car shampoo - or snow foam.
  12. Are MV Agusta the only manufacturer able to make nice looking exhausts now?
  13. Totally ask to get the path widended if it is causing diffuclties with the wheelchair and it is too much work for you to take on. Nothing worse than having to squeeze a chair through something just to get in and out of your own home. My nephew is in a wheelchair so I can relate to that problem.
  14. Oh the joys of both of us being bikers! Our garage is for bikes… however many we can fit in Is there any space out the front of your house at all [mention]dynax[/mention] ? Where we live there is lots of tenements, they normally have a space of about 3ft width in front of them. Many people around here put bike tents or build a wooden shelter for their bikes in them. It's not as secure as a garage, but keeps them off the street and somewhere where a ground anchor can be located.
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