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  1. Indeed. My CB500F does around 79 to 80 mpg on average on all sorts of roads including plenty of overtaking on dual carriageways and motorways. Around 250 miles on a tank for about £19 at current prices. And up to 82 mpg on average with Tesco Momentum petrol, which have tested is slightly better value in cost per mile. Today I was halfway into the reserve when I spent £19.89 for a full tank of Momentum and got home 240 miles later with one bar still showing on the gauge. One thing to add to geofferz's advice to Moh, even though you have a car licence you still need to do a separate bik
  2. Unfortunately your instructor is correct, the mod 1 and theory tests are tied together. If you read the back of the mod 1 certificate it is explained on there.
  3. A shame about the internal battery not lasting longer or it could have gone on a switched connection. As I only ride for leisure the bike can sit a week without use in summer, and longer in winter when the weather is bad. Had the battery go flat a couple of times early this year, I guess because of the immobelizer, which is why I asked. I like the sound of their SIM though as it says it will use any available network (and lists all the U.K. ones) so there should be no black spots rather than being tied to a single one with a mobile network's SIM. Thanks.
  4. I am very tempted, I hope you are on commission as I have a few question When the bike is not powered, does it run from its own battery or the bike's one? If you use their SIM, is the cost fixed or can you end up needing to top it up? Maybe as a result of listening to the microphone to use up the data. Never had a tracker before, but presumably you have to use the app or a send a message to turn it on and off every time you ride to stop it alerting you about what you are doing? And if I go out for a ride and want to download a GPX file of my route, I can just simply go on the webs
  5. So sorry, forgot to say thank you, Stu. It seems my problem was the 15 seconds wait you mentioned, if I do that it works fine. A shame it is nor mentioned in the manual. When wanting to switch from bluetooth to FM I had not given it that long so it was still sending the presses to my phone instead.
  6. Banana number 4. Though I had my meds reduced at the start of the year because of high potassium, so now I rarely eat them as I do not want my lovely drugs taken away.
  7. A ripe green orange is just as sweet as an orange orange. Just as a bright orange seville orange will still be very bitter. It all depends on the variety, the conditions they are grown in, and how ripe they are. But yes, it applies to other citrus fruits and not just oranges. Lemons can be green, and limes can be yellow, and still taste as you would expect.
  8. I realize I am now arguing the colour of oranges, but green ones are ripe too. In fact citrus fruits also stay ripe for as long as they remain on the tree, but cannot ripen after being picked. They only naturally turn orange when the weather turns colder. Then the chlorophyll, which gives the skin its green colour, dies off. As the weather warms up they can turn green again as they are replenished with chlorophyll. So the colour of an orange is really just a reflection on the climate it was grown in. Although because of the expectation of many people that oranges should have orange s
  9. Which is the whole reason for training . Nervous riders who cannot brake safely should not be completing CBT courses, let alone getting full licences. I used different schools for the CBT, a CBT renewal, and DAS, and at all of them was taught or told to use both brakes and never advised against using the back one. Maybe I just misunderstood how many bad schools there are out there. Which is quite worrying, as we all have to share the road with people who never learned how to brake properly.
  10. It was only one paragraph in a long post that anyone had a problem with, no reason to delete anything else other than a hissy fit. You were offering advice to people that could see them fail their test. Which is not my personal opinion, I directly quoted the DVSA's information to examiners on the issue. But if you think offering bad advice was "hitting a nerve," then I guess I just have to accept I do not feel comfortable allowing people to needlessly fail their test, or end up in an accident from using a bad braking technique, when the very least I can do is warn them. But I cannot apol
  11. I would ask for a refund then, because you were taught badly. If you are taught a good technique then you should not have to worry about locking the wheel up. And a school which only teaches you to pass the test and not to survive on the road is not worth your money. Using both brakes is universally regarded as good technique and could potentially save your life. Especially in wet conditions where the ratio between brakes is much closer. You got away with one, that does not mean anyone else will. I have ridden faster than the speed limit without repercussions, but I would advise any
  12. I have not read the original post, as it is long and not aimed at me, but kingmunky picked up on something important. The following is very bad advice. You are in a test centre on a school bike, not a sports bike on a track with the rear wheel off the ground as you brake. Putting aside that common sense should say that both brakes will be better than just the front one, even if the front one is far more important, and putting aside that science says that both brakes together are better than just the front one, and even putting aside that use of the rear brake is all the more important
  13. And your L-plates. Which is why you have them, so that other traffic knows you will do stupid things and be more careful around you. Same as the reason why cars have drivers. Besides, you should wait until someone turns regardless of their indicators. If you are involved in a collision because someone was wrongly indicating and you pulled out expecting them to turn, you will be regarded by a court (if it comes to it) as sharing responsibility for the accident. Also, if your are still learning and have problems then go out early in the morning and stick to quiet roads until you are abl
  14. I am still using my cheap Chinese (genuine) SJ4000. Mounted on the bars, plugged into a USB, and as I do not YouTube the 720p quality is fine for me. The only thing I can say against it is you get some vibration, but that is the way I have it mounted (with a RAM mount) and not the camera.
  15. The whole purpose of Waze is that it crowd sources traffic data, both from users reporting problems and by analysing traffic speeds. It is a source of traffic information on Google Maps.
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