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  1. hey all, wishing to do a few track days but not on my own bike ,, does anyone know of companys that do track days using there sports bikes . safe riding
  2. Hey all, im touring the pyrenees in less than two weeks everything on bike is rosey , EXEPT when i leave my bike ticking over in garage temp guage goes up and van kicks in as should ,, when im out riding the temp guage does not work stays unmoved ,, before anyone sais , this is not because im moving and engine is staying cool as it used to go to around running temp ( now the big question ) wil my van kick in without the temp guage working im assuming they are separate in which case i shant worry about the temp guage to much ,,, i have triumph daytona 1200 ,,,, and i will be in a hot
  3. excellent thanks , i do have a conversion kit i bought niow just need to find the pipe ,, i will look into that 304 stainless ,, guessing i will need to rejet
  4. brilliant thanks that what i shall do ,, i already have a large to small diameter conversion kit
  5. come on you lot im of to the pyrenees fro two weeks ,, give me some good roads and routes please ,, much love and safe riding
  6. hi all i have had so many different bikes,,, as a sports tourerer i recomend the daytona 1200 even for the pillion ,,, why arent there more of these around reasonable priced absolutely bullet proof 147 BHP geared down to a 160 top speed so pulls like a rocket train ,,, try on buy one safe riding
  7. wanted a haynes or similar manual for triumph daytona 1200 4 and triumph daytona 900 triple thank you
  8. i may be corrected here .. i personaly do not use back brake ,, i did have a blackbird which uses 70%front 30% back ,,, i am an engine braking ridr with a quick dab of the front brake to dive forks down before corner ,, if you are going to fast into a cornere NEVER brake on the cornere to slow yourself as ou could low side / high side ,,, there is a saying you will be supprised how fast a bike will go round a bend espcially wth tyres these days you stand more chance getting round the bend even if going to fast then if you brake half way round ,,, this is advice from an ad
  9. hi all i have curt about and fitted a rear rack for my hols ,, now it is a kappa rear rack im wandering will any kappa top box slip straiht on ,, many thanks safe riding
  10. ok all i have a triumph daytona 1200 ,, now i bought some lovely not for road use load carbon can company cans (came of an xjr1300 these do not fit due to diameter of the joining ,, as i dont want to bodge i need a stainless pipe going from my down pipes to new cans each end would be a different diameter ,, i live in devon ,, can anyone rcomend anyone and also will i need to rejet ,, many thanks ,, i dont beleive in quiet bikes and mine is ,,, these carbon can cans i got for a steal so would like to use them if poss ,,, safe riding all jim
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