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  1. Me too @Marino. I've loads of admiration for people who work on their bikes. I'll have a go, but I'm crap with a spanner, and it takes me hours to do even simple jobs (despite the help on youtube). And if I get out of my depth I get stressed I'm going to @Westbeef it, and break something I'll regret. I'd rather pay someone to do the work and have free time to ride the thing instead.
  2. @TimR The clause doesn't mention lockdown, so shouldn't be used in the way you suggest.
  3. Here's my all-time favourite grave stone. They don't make them like this anymore.
  4. Did you buy personal accident cover as an extra when you took out the policy? Or was it thrown in as part of the package you bought?
  5. You're spot on. Tiggie's just trying to confuse us. Momentum is how far you take the wall with you.
  6. And you can still meet up with a mate to ride.
  7. All it means is that they won't pay any part of your claim which was caused by covid. So your bike might get stolen. A few days later the police find it and let you know; meanwhile they put in storage at £20 a day cost to you. The day this happens, you test positive for the virus, so you can't collect it, and you can't find anyone else to get it for you. Seven days later, you're £140 down. In this case they're saying they won't pay the £140.
  8. What I wrote is a bit unfair. I bet you can have good fun by hooning around in 3rd and saving the the upper gears for when you want to relax a bit.
  9. Yeah exactly. Even my little 400 will pull your arms off if you open it up at 30 mph even though it's only 45hp max. But it runs out of breath at 65, and you have to plan you overtakes carefully cos it's tuned for torque and got no top end. My guess is that the 660 Triumph is tuned for top end, but it going to be underexciting until you redline it... at which point your licence might be heading for the shredder.
  10. The headline figures only tell you what the engine can do at its peak. But not many of us ride around all day at 11000 rpm. What happens at 3-5000 rpm and 5-7000 rpm is going to affect normal ride a lot more. Engines can be tuned to give out loads of power at high revs, or more power - and perhaps importantly - more torque at lower revs. Looking at the stats, I'd expect the Triumph to be free-revving, but not delivering a lot of punch until the engine's wound up nearer the red line. But I'd guess the Benelli has more to it at lower revs, and this makes a bike more engaging to ride.
  11. bonio


    Thought about getting a cat? Needs to be a proper cat, not a soft southern one.
  12. @fastbob Seems to me the bloke is confused cos he's been told his bike not to ride the bike because it's unsafe, but it seems ok to him. I think I'd be the same in his shoes.
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