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  1. I've messed up on this already. I'm on a vaccine trial. I was injected with something last year; perhaps it was a vaccine, perhaps it was sludge. 50:50 either way. No certificate of course, cos then I'd know whether I'd had the vaccine or not, and they'd have to kick me off the trial. Meanwhile, I'm now officially old enough to expect a call to be vaccinated in the next few weeks. If I do, I'd have to quit the trial. But if I don't, that's my chance of getting a certificate gone. Pppsssssht. No patisserie worker worth their salt is going to want to listen to let me anywhere near their ta
  2. I've used MCE just once, when I couldn't get anything for less than twice the amount. Never had to make a claim, so can't comment of that part of it. Crazy high excess (£900 iirc) and charges for just about everything including informing them you're about to sneeze. I'd use them again, but not if anyone else came close in price.
  3. I've an Oxford leather jacket. Not expensive. Understated. Looks fine with jeans.
  4. I've use a separate back protector: that way I only need one, and it works with every jacket.
  5. Hilarious! 100 years ago, it took a genius like Kafka to imagine this kind of thing. Now we have the ability to make it happen with just a handful of accountants and lawyers. (with apologies to the accoutants and lawyers among us... )
  6. New bike + new rider is bound to end up with high premium and high excess. The only good news is that is should come down quickly over the next couple of years. It would interesting to see what the quotes are like if you say you've two years NCD on a two year old licence. If it's still expensive, then it will be your postcode - and there's only one way to improve on that As for security devices, most of them don't affect the quote at all (I've tried). A factory fitted or professionally fitted Thatcham alarm can make a bit of a difference. Have you tried insurance quotes on someth
  7. I put the Nitron R1 on my Tiger. Also had the forks resprung. The difference was huge. Worth every penny. Until the bike was nicked Only thing I wasn't aware of was that the insurance would be more. They wanted an extra £50.
  8. Awesome news! And how does it run now?
  9. You're right - the bike isn't meant to stall in neutral. If is does stall, it could mean The idle is set too low (Like TimR said) The engine isn't running as smoothly as it should (either a problem with fuelling, the mix of air and fuel coming from the carbs, or with delivering the spark) The clutch isn't fully disengaged Best to check each of these in turn
  10. Couldn't get out the drive this morning - too much snow, no grip under the car tyres to get up the hill. Roast chicken for us. Bit of a treat really. Enough over for chicken pie tomorrow.
  11. I get this with the VanVan. Doesn't matter how perfectly I adjust it, it's never quite good enough for the MOT man.
  12. The hospital's in Ipswich, but the pic is of the Maltings at Snape.
  13. Another hospital appointment Some pics from the journey home
  14. The Royal Mail charge you extra for the service they provide you in charging you the tax. I can't remember how much £8? £10?? It makes a difference on smaller items.
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