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  1. Went for a walk in Minsmere after dinner. Crazy birds. Here's a short clip - bad video quality but it's all about the soundtrack. https://clipchamp.com/watch/gYdV5D63fzU (or if you use FB, it's better quality here: https://www.facebook.com/1358419544/videos/10226411462777069/)
  2. Tightened a wing mirror on the MV. Fitted grip puppies (never used them before, will try them out). Changed the front sprocket on the VanVan and inflated the tyres. The DRZ looks like it's been rolling in a muddy field. Could do with a wash.
  3. If anyone can use this, you're welcome to have it. Just PM me your address.
  4. Nice idea. I'll be honest, the Peaks has always left me mystified. People say how great it is, but all I've found are traffic and towns and then sweet patch for 3 minutes and another 30 sign *sigh*. So I'd be signing up for this straightaway if it I lived nearer. All the best
  5. At least the Sinclair C5 came in white.
  6. I rode it! Had to go to Ipswich for a second jab of vaccine or placebo - don't know what. Zoomed down the A12 to get there as the staff were waiting in for me, but had a good ride back on the twisty roads via Framlingham. The roads were in great condition - all the crud of winter's gone - so a cracking ride. Loads of bikes out.
  7. So @Breezin, if you're skipping through these here posts on your phone or whatever, stop, go back, and read this one a second time. It's all the advice you need.
  8. The Bobber is beautiful. It might be a modernist monster, I'm also partial to the Thruxton.
  9. Wife would like recessed spots in the kitchen. Isn't going to get them.
  10. Ours too. I've been told they're for better privacy; when the light's on, it outshines any light bouncing off you, and so you become harder to see from outside the house.
  11. When I moved house, I got one of the bikes shipped to the new place by this guy: https://www.uship.com/service-provider/344667664-haulin-ass-transport. He was really amazing, took great care of the bike, and even offered me a discount after one of the L plates was damaged. He's in Essex, so you might be out of his area. But I found him using uship and using them made the whole thing effortless.
  12. Not owned either, but I think I'd prefer the reliability of Triumph over a newish Enfield. Also, I reckon you'll be happier with an older bike: you *will* drop it at some time, and when you do, you'll be so pleased that it's already had one or battle scars and the new scratch isn't its first. And when you come to sell it on after a few years, you should be able to sell it at more or less cost price. Thought about a Yamaha XSR700? Just within your budget perhaps. Or a Kawasaki W800? Others will be on here with better ideas
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