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  1. I've decided to paint my motorcycle calipers to give it a new look. I've been advised to strip the calipers down conpletely of the bike, clean them then paint them. Im not confident about stripping of my calipers as I'm not very hands on when it comes to technical aspects of biking. I was wondering, could I get away with just cleaning the calipers whilst they are still attached to the bike and then just painting the calipers after (whilst still attached to the bike)?
  2. Thanks for all the advice, I've contacted powerhouse to see if they still offer the trade in service, I'm just waiting for a reply. If they've stopped offering the service then I'll try the diy option
  3. Hi, Does anyone know of any companies that are able to rebuild or replace the calipers for my sv650x (1999) at an affordable price? I've been advised to either get them rebuilt or buy new ones as they have basically seized up. Thanks
  4. Just wondering... Did anyone passed their full motorcycle licence before their driving licence, if so, what type of license do you get? & what colour e.g pink or green?
  5. Got my mod 2 of Friday in Macclesfield, any mod 2 tips?
  6. Cheers thank you Then it will be the decision of choosing what bike to upgrade to I quite like the benelli 600i
  7. I passed my mod 1 test today after failing it previously a few months ago on the u turn ( I strayed just wide of the white line). I only got 1 minor for control. Here's the things I did that helped me: Keep doing your observations throughout the test Slalom-ride the clutch and use the back break if you are going a bit too fast. Figure of 8's- utalise the space provided, there's more than enough Slow ride-utalise the back break U turn- look where you want to bike to go Swerve- Leaning the bike upon approach helps These are just my tips, good luck to anyone who has this soon. I've
  8. The TCL SVC 200 is a good camara and quite simple to use.
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