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  1. Filter with care when it is safe to do so - Be VERY aware of potential 'lane swappers'. Be polite and acknowledge those who move over to give you more room (if safe). If the traffic is stationary (and has been for a while) - Watch out for curious folk who will open the door to get out and have a look (but not behind them!). Stay safe and filter.
  2. Why is it that you have to wait for months to receive a reply from the local county council for a response to whether you can trim a tree (not a protected one) whereas, you get a new CRB check done on the same day?
  3. You need to at least double that figure! Don't forget to add the VAT!
  4. I use 'Ride' to plan the route and then export to my TomTom GPS.
  5. Possibly a poor / intermittent connection (Ignition / Fuel pump?)
  6. I also have a full set of Whitworth's as well as Metric, AF, Imperial and BA Whitworth's usually need a larger hammer though! Can you do the taps and dies to match? Cannot claim full set but I have some.. I have inherited from several generations of hoarders. Sadly I had no space for lathe that could of produced any size... AF and Metric Taps & Dies. Full set of stud extractors, clutch compressor, two sizes of gear puller, strap wrench and a chain wrench, etc, etc. Hardest part of any job is remembering where the correct tool is stored!
  7. I also have a full set of Whitworth's as well as Metric, AF, Imperial and BA Whitworth's usually need a larger hammer though!
  8. If you never bother to get your torque wrench calibrated - it becomes just another long-handled spanner.
  9. I had my seat 'modified' with the gel inserts (guy in Leicester). Expensive but work it. Since I got the Harley, I use an 'Air Hawk' seat pad - Very comfy!
  10. I used Sycamore Harley this time (first MoT since purchase). However, the best garage for bike MoTs in the area is at Graveley (best to book although you can go 'on spec'). 64 High St, Graveley, Saint Neots PE19 6PL Also started doing servicing last year (although I have yet to try them for that).
  11. Drained the oil, replaced the filter, fitted new seal and refilled oil. Fitted 2" pullback/risers, and new front brake line. Bleed and topped up brake fluid. Adjusted mirrors and rode to MoT appointment. Passed - with advisories on front brake pads (nearing 'wear line' and tyre tread depths (approaching 2mm). Got two more 'Tags' using the 'Loan Bike' while mine was waiting for MoT (probably pi$$ed off the dealership as I got their bike tank down to reserve and added another 120 miles onto it (Harley Road Glide - Not a bad bike really!).
  12. Globe: Audlem Road Stapeley Nantwich CW5 7EA 144 High Street West Glossop SK13 8HJ The Buttlands Wells-next-the-Sea NR23 1EU
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