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  1. Any active motorbike birmingham or near birmingham based facebook groups? I joined some but they are never active well there is but not many people are in there & there jot enough active ones
  2. thanks guys i will be getting the 3 day tickets
  3. is it worth going too? might buy silver stone tickets
  4. I am raising money for a charity called Stand Up To Cancer! To help raise money I will be doing different YouTube videos and one of the stuff I will be doing is dares! So please comment different dares I should do & when I do them it will be picked at random and it will be recorded! Please donate at: https://www.justgiving.com/Kai-Smith3 And when I hit the goal I will shave all my hair off!
  5. What do you guys think of Lady Leshurr - Queen's Speech Ep.4? If you haven't heard of it before listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyodeHt ... ture=share The song is annoying but it's stuck in my head.
  6. I've all-ways loved photography, and on the 17.10.15 I went to Cornwall to visit my family & my auntie got me a camera. So for about 2 days I've started taking photos & only starting today I made a Facebook page and website! Please like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PhotographyKaiSmith And please check my website out: http://www.photographykai.tumblr.com Please check my my photos and please tell me what you think of them (Please be honest) and after you liked my Facebook page please share it with all your mates I'm planning to take photos to do with motorbikes.
  7. some people, who have Aspergers, will latch onto something they understand and become extremely good at it. it does tend to be something black and white, right or wrong, such as maths, science etc. i have had students with Aspergers and they are awesome in some classes and really bad in others, you have to find their passion and then let them run with it. this goes with the repetition thing that people labelled with autism do, because it helps them stay centered in a situation they are not happy, maths and counting is a good one but repetition is good for learning maths so this is why th
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