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  1. So last year the rally was like a millions miles away from me, but this year its f**king 10minutes away hahah. So i'll pop down on the Grom and you guys will be happy to know i'll lead the 125cc ride out if you like, so someone on a 1000cc doesn't have to sit at 40mph all day Don't know if i'll camp yet as a taxi and my own bed is far more enticing, but i'll be there
  2. Had the beast 2 weeks and done 600 miles so i'd say i can give a good review so far. Started off looking like the below picture, all standard Modded it more to my taste with proper Maxxis 6024 tyres, Renthal RC high fat bars, evotech tail tidy and the full Black widow exhaust. Performance. It's a 125 so it'll do 60 easy enough but don't expect more more. But for me thats not what it's about and 60 is fast enough off road It keeps up with traffic fine even on NSL roads. Comfort With the new wider but lower bars it's perfect for me, nice reach and i'm still upright. lots of room f
  3. Shame, can't make this as I'm up in the lakes riding mountain bikes on business but enjoy it everyone!!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO3whW9rr9ZZOrm7VB-Zfzg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; My latest video, I'm new to YT I've got a lot incoming
  5. bit late to be sorting T-shirts now to be honest plus no heard nothing from the guy that does them in months!! You would think management would take charge of "FORUM RALLY MERCH" but no they blame some innocent guy!
  6. f**k me it's 123miles each way this year! What happened to keeping it local for me, i loved being 30 miles away!!
  7. I've been riding 8 years and your questions have mind boggled me haha, i couldn't actually tell you what i do anymore, i just do it. Ermm, Always have command of your lane, and you only have to do a life saver to the right if turning right across on coming traffic, just to make sure no-ones there overtaking you or something stupid. Don't do lifesavers both sides unless your going that way because your taking your eyes of the road or some bollocks. Don't over think it and do what feels natural, if you fail you'll learn and have experience of what you did wrong etc. Took me 3 attempt
  8. I must figure a way to attend this year, it's been tooooo long.
  9. Gutted this was on the same weekend as my mates Stag, glad everyone had a great time!!
  10. And people call him a Grumpy Old Git?? He's a cutie at heart.
  11. I can see this "fast" group turning out to be quite an interesting scene. Best get the RSV ready
  12. It had Vtec YO, Only yobbo's have Vtec I would laugh if i saw a Grandad driving a f**king Type R when I'm riding later.
  13. I might be in Uganda or Cuba or i might not, if i can i will!! Purely so i can call Stu a poof for buying a grandad bike
  14. Move up north and commute, only takes just over an Hour on the train from Manchester to London central on Virgin. Obviously don't need to come this far up.
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