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  1. As the sun was shining took it out for a run. Ended up at a canal side tea shop in Thrupp Oxfordshire, where bacon sandwiches and coffee was consumed.
  2. Burman recirculating ball steering box to be precise. Had one wear a new groove in the steering rod. Made going round bends fun.
  3. I wonder if the new white lines are slippy in the wet?
  4. As from 12th April overnight stays are ok in self contained units. This it seems includes caravans, boats and hotel rooms
  5. Ahh, then the environmentalists will be after you for burning all that wood. All that carbon and particulates not to mention global warming.
  6. GSF/GSX1250 is worth a look
  7. JRH

    Welcome Alan1234

    Hi and welcome
  8. As @James in Brum said. My kwak would only start from cold with full choke then after a few seconds choke could be reduces. Probably an age thing with the bikes.
  9. A lot of Lithium ion batteries for replacing car / motor bike lead acid batteries are made up of cells that are nominally 3.7 volts, however LiFeP04 batteries are 3.2 volts, per cell.
  10. JRH


    I’ve used Red X in the past. Which ever you use check the label and use carb cleaner most is now for inject systems.
  11. JRH


    Will not hurt to run some carb cleaner through.
  12. Not had a spring go on my fords (2 Mondeo both over 10 years old when sold) but OH fiat Punto had a front spring go. Car was about 8 year old.
  13. JRH

    Sad news

    So sorry to hear that @dynax. Sincere condolences to you.
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