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  1. Same here, had mine for 35 years.
  2. Mine is a bit different to a Seagull. Yamaha V4 130hp 1700cc - pushes my 17ft Fletcher to over 50mph. Gives environmentalists nightmares - about 6mpg is lucky and 2-stroke oil!
  3. I'm still having withdrawal symtoms from 2-strokes. Still got a 2-stroke outboard for summer time fixes.
  4. Theya re the ones I was tryingto remember, they get a lotof recommendations.
  5. Modern vehicles have alternators which have negative earth. If you go back to 60's and earlier you find vehicles with Dynamos, these had positive earth.
  6. I agree with e comments above, DID, Regina, RK all good brands. My bike had a gold coloured chain when I got it, lookeed good untill a few monthsof salty roads and it looked terrible. Got non-coloured DID now. Quality of sprockets can vary, not sure what to recommend here, maybe someone else will comment.
  7. I want to connect the battery. I've seen guys doing it the standard way - negative first, positive last. THEN, I've seen mechanics in bike shops connecting the positive first. It is safer to connect the positive first, if the spanner/screwdriver accidentally touches any metal work, there is no problem since the earth is not yet connected. When you connect the earth - if the spanner/screwdriver touches metal work - no problem its what its connected to anyway. You just have to be careful when working on the earth you don't touch the positive - make sure to put the red cov
  8. Are you sure its the front tyre that is causing the problem? How much tread is left on the tyres? "white lining " tends to get worse as the tyres get more worn, but its usually the rear the is most affected.
  9. I've got a GSX600F 2003, owned it for 7 years now, done nearly 30,000miles on it, been fairly reliable, apart from the usual tyres, chain and pads, its had new starter, rear shock, shock link, and a few other minor parts. I enjoy riding it, great for longer trips, fairing good at keeping rain and wind off, performance and handling good as well. I keep meaning to get something newer but haven't found anything I like yet. Hope you enjoy yours.
  10. I fitted a basic non adjustable indicator warning bleeper on my Suzuki GSX600. It helps but is only audible upto about 30MPH. Repeater lights on the dash are only really visible when its dull or dark I had a 1978 Yamaha RD125 that had self cancelling indicators, worked off a switch on the speedo that switched them off after 1/10 mile. Do Yamahas still have this?
  11. Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year.
  12. As above the carbs (top face of float bowl) should be horizontal. The carb rubbers should hold the carbs horizontal. You need to check the spacing between the carbs as well. Adjustment might be difficult.
  13. Seems you have to be quick with bike carbs these days. My local garage does a lot of jobs on Rally/motorcross tye competition cars. One of the popular mods is to fit motorbike carbs, appears it works well for more power and better throttle response.
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