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  1. Please update your score in your profile. A handy list will also appear here. To update your score go to the right and click on your username click edit profile then under your profile add your score under the "Challenge score" field
  2. Have a question about the Tag Challenge? Ask here! Want to moan about the Tag Challenge? Do it elsewhere
  3. So @mike_smith got pretty much all of the tags last year which meant I couldn't be lazy and just repost them so we have ALL NEW TAGS [APPLAUSE] Remind me what I need to do….. 1. Go to this thread and grab yourself a unique number: 2. Check the map here to find out where you need to go: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1zkNydBJldc62Yqhrm1poCQvvT6tuuqKP&usp=sharing Alt link: https://www.google.com/maps/@54.3947953,-7.2577555,6z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1s1zkNydBJldc62Yqhrm1poCQvvT6tuuqKP 3. Take a picture of you or your bike outside the locatio
  4. I'm so glad I spent hours of my life doing it then
  5. Well 2020 a bit pants in a lot of ways but some of you still did a fine job going and finding tags! There will be 2021 version hurray! So for those who don't know... how does this thing work? First job: Sign up here - pick a unique number of 3 digits or less, first come first served. Same number, different number, I don't care. Post below with your request and you will get added to this post. The list of awesome will be posted up on the evening of the 31st but entries will not be accepted before the 1st. You will be required to take a picture of you in
  6. well done Rennie! And I suppose @JackieOWheels did OK too I will get my revenge next year!!!!!
  7. Yeah epic finale to the season! if they dont go back they're fools!!!
  8. Rennie is seasoned *cougholdcough*, I only did 16 and 17 and then as MCN borked it so badly we didn't get to play in 18 or 19
  9. me too I've always had a soft spot for Nakagami but he does have a tenancy to spoon it
  10. I was just searching the old posts, I actually cracked the top 100 (77) until they messed up all the points and it went tits up and I think I ended up 120ish 15131 players I did beat Rennie that year though
  11. on the MCN one a few years back I finished inside the top 1500 globally... don't think I'll be reaching those heights again any time soon
  12. I boosted too!! its tough only having one transfer and going to a new track... well at least I'll beat [mention]goat[/mention]
  13. only just watched it! What a great result for Suzuki. When they came back people were quite scathing so amazing to see them back at the top
  14. oooh a point down on you [mention]JackieOWheels[/mention] be very interesting next week!
  15. ooooooooh held on by a point 1 rennie 1,069.5 2 Hoggs' Hooners 996.0 3 SuzukiRF 995.0 4 Petrolhedz 777.0 5 My little mule 628.5
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