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  1. I'm still in! Didnt realise my messages were full and not sure if it's jammed?
  2. From my daughter, cheeky little thing.
  3. https://giphy.com/gifs/funny-dancing-borat-Um27tTsg0mSdO
  4. Ok my year in a nutshell, I lost my Auntie due to heart issues at the beginning of this year and last year my mum got diagnosed with terminal cancer and said she may not make the year (I’ve seen her twice due to covid) – This has caused massive stress and anxiety for me to say the least. On top of that I’ve had 2 nasty Vertigo attacks which have taken months to get over, side effects being the ability to walk normally, really clouded head, extremely tired and so I can’t think to process anything which is adding to my stress and anxiety. Just before lockdown I sadly split from my Wife
  5. I've only had 2 short rides with it on but compared to the Neotec 2, it's a better fit overall with zero pressure points. The Neotech I had to massage the foam in order for it to relieve the pressure on my forehead which after paying a premium for, was really disappointing especially after the GT Air was like a slipper for your head. The AGV doesn't feel better quality internally but you can flip the liner around depending on how hot your noggin is. The full carbon chin guard it a work of art though! Seems more aero with a larger internal visor which creates a little fogging due to
  6. Better i'd say, My first ride I took the ear plugs out as I couldn't hear the engine at all! A bit more sporty than the neotech and you can't really tell it's modular so the best of both worlds.
  7. Just bought the same lid, it's so light compared to the neotech!
  8. Well this year had been totally crap for many reasons. Not ridden since last September as this was when I got my 1st vertigo attack which was really savage and recovery took about 2 months and in that time I couldn't drive/ride or even work. It affected my memory also which to this day is still a struggle. Just starting NHS treatment now, so I'm hoping they can find a problem somewhere. Had to sell my beloved R1250 GSA after only 7 months of ownership and lost 7k in the process I guess that's my own fault for buying something so expensive in the 1st place. Anyways during furloug
  9. Looks amazing Great write up. I miss my 2 babies
  10. I sold mine just before lockdown. Was by far the best bike I ever owned. More usable grunt than the 1200's and they really shift when you poke them. If however I was buying 2nd hand. I'd go for a 2015 model and save the pennies.
  11. Removed luggage and all the crappy rails until at least next year. Put a cheeky seat cowl on there and a new battery.
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