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  1. That can't be us then, nothing but prime metal
  2. Weren't you in vice city? Surely not a c100 and more PCJ600. Ahh my apologies that that was Kent Paul
  3. Too subtle for me, I don't get it. Please ruin the joke
  4. Ah yes ships I forgot about them. Rule Britannia! I think some rolling mills in Scotland are quite keen on HS2 being a thing as well, plenty of bridges to put up.
  5. Do you get any steel from Rotherham Rennie? I'm sure we make stuff for crankshafts and Caterpillar, though whether it's Caterpillar crankshafts I'm not sure. I'm also not sure whether there is anyone at work planning for what to do when nobody wants crankshafts and gearboxes anymore, it's already quite bad that currently nobody wants planes.
  6. Oooh Lembit Opik, what a cheeky boy!
  7. The next bit is vaguely more interesting. I need to repair the zorst, the bean tin repair had failed big time, with not much left to wrap another tin round. But I have got my trusty Aldi Arc Welder and some bits of stainless tube. Will it work? Will I just get distracted by pretty much anything and put it all back in the shed?... hmmm What a setup. It really beats working on the floor though. Also see pile of practice on the floor. Good afternoon fun. Aldi didn't have any stainless rods so I ebayed some.
  8. Still boring, but I have at least got the rear brake back together. New seals and pistons from Mr Silvers. Greased up seals Greased up pins New pin, nipple, and pads. Ready to go back on.
  9. Oof no. Half decent? Boat? Fugetabaatit. Maybe get the uninsulated ones to go with some heat shrink like wot husoi has linked to. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393001128078 And a nice little crimper. I can't find the crimper I got, I think i got it from Newark bike jumble with some japanese bullet connectors. All I can see on eBay is stuff I'm not familiar with (ratchet crimpers - they might be fiiine, I just haven't had a go) apart from the pile of poo ones that come with or in those orrable blue/yellow/red plastic insulated terminal kits of horror, which personally I wouldn't b
  10. Ahh, it was only a matter of time. Harsh though, you'd think the zombies would observe siesta time as well.
  11. Nice. Road bikes on road tyres (bias plies?) just let loose
  12. Ah yes the rugged individual. Did he find something better to do in that baron wasteland? Or just fall into some disused machinery in the back of beyond?
  13. I felt like shit the day after mine. Like a bad hangover. Was still there in the morning after that but I still went for a crap run (I can't run anyway) late in the afternoon and then fine again. At least I know it's done something. Was it just tuning in its 5g receptorcons? Arming the device? Do I now show up on GHCQ radar? Arrrggghhh what have I done?!
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