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  1. Thank you for all your comments. I spoke with Ageas today and they confirmed that company policy (and that of all insurance companies he's aware of) is that once a settlement has been made the bike can not go directly back to the original owner, and that they must be auctioned. Its gutting because I spoke with the people where the bike is being stored and they commented on how good condition it was in, just steering lock and ignition buggered. They also recovered it less than a mile from my home! Again, thanks for your replies. Concrete block motorcycle workshop now in progress
  2. Just the info I was wanting to hear Stu. Call them in the morning. Thank you.
  3. No, but if negotiations were possible at this stage I'd take a look. Thanks EAB. Gonna call them tomorrow.
  4. I understand the normal procedures, paid out, insurance company owns, auction, but I was wondering if anyone has jumped the gun and had an offer accepted or been made an offer. Not even sure of condition yet so this could all be a waste of time, but if anyone has purchased direct post settlement it would give me hope. I really would like it back as a second bike.
  5. In another thread I mentioned ed having my bike stolen 2 weeks 6 days into ownership. I was paid out in 13 days but today had a letter from the police to say its been recovered, locally. Question is, now I've been paid out what are the chances of buying it back from the insurance company? I would call them but the offices are closed.
  6. Thanks Joe its reassuring to know you're getting on well with it. It seems a no brainer for the cost and time to fit it and cheaper than an Oxford chain which I've come to realise aren't worth sh*te.
  7. Coincidence coming across this thread as I was reading about trackers earlier (considering last weeks experience) and came across a DIY tracker thread. My personal reason for considering the DIY route is the cost versus 'window of opportunity'. I couldn't warrant a £300 outlay and apx £190 a year tracking subscription if it all comes down to the window of opportunity, the time before it ends up in a steel container, like a box van. Have a look at this link but give it a good read before knocking it. Besides the simple tracking and alert options there's also 'geofence' and 'movement al
  8. Thanks Everyone. Through posting the slips of paper through neighbours doors I had a phone call yesterday from one who spent a few days watching the footage recorded from his door entry system. Had a car not parked in direct view of my bike across the way we'd have had something, but just a white van just before midnight is the only suspect through the glass of the parked car. I still think it was wheeled away. Anyway, the guy with the door entry cctv is a bike owner himself and hence why he made it his mission to go through every second of footage from that night. That's what I call a ne
  9. Thanks everyone. I understand its an old bike but it was the year and colour I had been waiting for. Would have been three weeks ownership tomorrow. The only security I had was an Oxford chain and the steering lock, and being parked underneath the bedroom windows which are open all night. The area is Shirley / Millbrook so to be expected I suppose. I was just clearing the way in the garden ready for a workshop so it would be off road and this happens. I say its just a bike and that it can be replaced but the fact that there are scouts amongst us looking for the opportunity to take
  10. Thanks Gin yes I have. Just contacting the insurance now. Just found part of the security chain link outside. Calling insurance now....
  11. Stolen from outside my house in Southampton this morning. Not had it even a month and some bast*rds have took it Honda CBR1000F Reg J525 SBW. Frame:SC242303228 Engine: SC09E2303621 If anyone reading this could circulate it amongst other forums I would appreciate your help. The bike is of insignificance whereas catching the bast*rds is priority. What a day off work this has started out to be. Only took it off to do some work on it!!
  12. My girlfriend is a porn star. She is going to be so pissed off when she finds out.
  13. I could add some inside knowledge places on the Isle of Wight. Spent over 20 years there and still have a holiday home 15 minutes walk from 'The Hut' in Colwell bay.
  14. Not forgetting his days with Hawkwind. Great personality. Straight talkin.
  15. Thanks Stu. Seems my kinda sized gathering. Looking forward to it.
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