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  1. the speedo unit is sealed on a guzzi .. .. anyway you can tell me how yous get on..
  2. buy and fit a sat nav... recalibrating a speedo is a fools errand .
  3. three cylinder engines .. wit a 120 crank .. are as marmite, particular to those commin from IL4 .. most love them .. but i fcukin hate them .. never again ..
  4. well .. i`ve seen some donkey dick innovations .. but this one takes the chindogu knob head 1st class award ..
  5. you do .. but not to worry .. if you don`t stop... i won`t have to put up with you..
  6. Copycat73


    highlighting the shortcomings of a misanthrope ..
  7. Copycat73


    then why fcukin post ? yes you
  8. the power supply is the weak point of a phone .. ie. water ingress and damage to connection point.. by the last comment i take it you keep your phone in your pocket and use earphones .. sounds like hard work.. incidentally ear phones are illegal in certain countries..
  9. then you should try one .. then maybe you`d be in a position to comment... but briefly .. the durability and usability of a phone is crap as a sat-nav fitted to a vehicle .. because it was never designed for that function..
  10. orienting a map with a phone .. good luck wit that one .. signposts and phone signals .. Ha ! Ha! Ha ! Ha ! Ha !
  11. Yep .. and there are plenty of other threads for your pontification ..
  12. i have a number of Garmin sat-nav units for different vehicles .. they do exactly what it says on the tin .. use of a computer is strongly advised .. i avoid crap apps on the phone .. free ones are sh1t and paid for expensive .. also vibrations have a habit of damaging phones and water don`t help either ... not to mention phone signals and gps.
  13. odd.. you don`t know what direct access is .. yet shout the key age attached to it .. so now i call SOCK PUPPET account ...
  14. looks like your stuck wit a 125cc and cbt. L plates .. or go direct access ..
  15. it says nothing about ABS. lights in that manual either .. but that is a definite fail also.
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