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  1. There’s always http://www.rockandbikefest.co.uk if any of you fancy camping or just take a camper van, but I prefer to take the bike and rough it!
  2. I’m in Cambridge, nr Ely, Normally ride out over the weekend if the weather is ok.
  3. What? They don't do it on the road these days? We just rode round the block until the examiner jumped out from behind a tree and so long as you didn't run him over you passed. Same here, not so much a tree or bush as I could see where he was from the other side of the square he had me ride around, so I knew when he was going to step out in front of me! Probably a good reason they changed it I guess.
  4. Hi Ricky and welcome. Theres a few of us in Cambridge so keep your eyes open!
  5. I wonder if there would be as much interest for a hairy arsed guy on a puch maxi? But yes, great first post, welcome.
  6. I was going to ask if you two were going again, unfortunately I have some folk round this weekend, otherwise I would have been up for it. On saying that, if I can get away, then you never know!
  7. Spend it on a bike, much more fun!
  8. Really sorry I couldn't make it, I had some last minute matters to attend to. The year is young so maybe catch the next one. looked like you all had a great time though.
  9. Getting the chop certainly sounds painful
  10. Hmmm, I know some people that would love the use of that, but maybe not for its intended purpose!
  11. Actually, I'm struggling to find someone to come and repair the damage, I'd attempt this myself, but I have no idea about these things.
  12. Yup, I felt the impact of Doris myself
  13. Hope you have a great day Thanks, if I count in hex, I just turned 32!
  14. I'm waiting for some panels after a spill, but If my big Z is ready, then I might run up and join you guys, The NTV would do it, but not as much fun!
  15. Very nice, I'm thinking about trading for a cruiser, must be my age lol!
  16. I've always washed my bikes with a jet wash, never had any issues. I do make sure they are perfectly dry after so wipe down dry cloth after, which also means I get to see loose bits or stuff that needs doing.
  17. aleyj

    'Ave it!

    Yeah, I'm messing, I'm sure the weather will return sooner than it does in here in old Blighty lol!
  18. I'm only messing lol! Hope the weather returns for you (and us), soon.
  19. aleyj

    'Ave it!

    Karma is a bitch!
  20. You can lose a lot of skin and still break bones etc at 30!
  21. I can't plan that far in advance, I don't know what I'm doing next week, never mind 3 months time! At the moment, it's a maybe!
  22. An excuse for a ride out? Or is it too cold for you fair weather peeps?
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