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  1. I'm looking to get some bike time between the 9th - 13th whislt I'm off work! Any takers? Drop me a PM or post below if you fancy it I'm based in Warrington. Over and out! Nick
  2. If you're around at the weekends, give me a shout! I'm always lingering around when the weather is acceptable! Regards, Nick
  3. I Live close by but I don't know many roads around that area. I would love to tag along!
  4. I am maybe around, I'll be up for it!
  5. I think I may be around Saturday and Sunday, if so I'm all for it. I'll drop you a text around Wednesday
  6. Oh Magic! Definitely, I'm game for anything above 7 deg Its a 2011 GSXR. I'll send you a PM with my number.
  7. Anyone interested in this? http://www.bike4lifefest.com/bike4life-2016 PM me if you are. I'm looking at organising a group for the event.
  8. Yup! I'm all for it. I'll drop you a PM with my number and let me know if you organise anything! On a separate note. Anyone interested in this? I'll be there with bells on! http://www.bike4lifefest.com/bike4life-2016
  9. Magic! What a brilliant ride that was, I never been up that way before. Yeah some of the guys were bloody clueless of their surroundings eh.
  10. Looking to organise a few ride outs in the coming weekends, I'm based in Warrington but I don't mind doing some leg work to get to other people. Drop me an e-mail or message if anyone is up for it! Please use the PM facility for contacts for security reasons......cheers
  11. I'm in the Warrington area and always up for a ride out anywhere in the northwest! If there's anything organised or if someone wants an impromptu ride out just drop me a PM....email address removed for security reasons.....Please use the PM facility.......
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