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  1. Im sick of it if you dont like us and our way of life leave
  2. Only 10 mins from widnes theres another from merseyside too ill give you a msg you get a few bikes going southport sundays
  3. Its way to risky to speed points or bans would ruin my life really im a hgv driver i cant afford to do it..i just enjoy getting to the limit quickly which only takes about 3 seconds
  4. I tend to roll it down the road then start it... it has set car alarms off once or twice
  5. Good stuff mate the weather should change soon fingers crossed
  6. Ive added all who have said theyre up for a ride as friend so i can msg all at once on the private msg plus ill post so others can see a week b4...
  7. Yeah good stuff pal always better riding in a group im free every other weekend due to father duty
  8. Sundays are best for me too there is another on here whos up for a ride out so thats 3 upto now the more the better obviously wanting better weather 1st
  9. Just looking to get a group of lads/ladies together for regular ride outs through the year anyone interested let me know
  10. I think it was the damp it's getting better now just stuttering a little when idle
  11. 1st started the gixer up today after 2 months engine sounded odd.. when riding it felt like it was going to cut out at tick over when in 1st gear? Any suggestions
  12. Search it on google pal roughly 10000 bikes turn up ive never been ive been a friend informed me that its on 2 april
  13. Is anyone going to the egg run in wirral
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