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    I have a Garfield tattoo on my upper arm for 20 + years. It was chat up line when my first marriage had split up, I would say I will show you mine if you show me yours, girls used to keen to show their tattoo's. When I had got this far I would then tell them no that's not what I meant. When they looked at me blankly I would tell them he's a pussy. Never worked at that moment but it did get a laugh (sometimes) Hay hum, you look back and think how much more of a twit could I have been!
  2. http://www.inquisitr.com/1539014/sara-x ... ay-mozart/
  3. I bought a Shoei from here. Great service and great product. Boxed and Pin ready. 100 quid cheaper then UK http://www.polediffusion.com/gb/en/abbi ... integrali/ Approx 10 day delivery but that was over christmas
  4. I also think that it reflects on your own mortality, when someone who has been so close dies it reflects in more than one way. You have the distance to think about the impact to their now loved ones but you also reflect on a personal basis, its almost a more reflective type of loss than the highly emotional grief of very close family. I still think about a friend nearly every day after three years, its very odd the that the person was not as close as family yet the impact of his death I still reflect on. I hope the memories are good and make you smile! Richard
  5. "> The Reverand Payton's Damned Big Band ( I want a beard like that!)
  6. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A ... =gAQHYQrtG
  7. Hello all, I have been an owner of a Shoei for about 5 years, and was due a new helmet. Prices seem a little steep with the Shoei Qwest at about 319.99 GBP. anyway I found a web site which offered me a Qwest delivered at I think 211 GBP with a pinlock as well. (fromItaly) Anyway long story short I am now the owner of one matt silver Shoei qwest that is everything that was promised for at least 100GBP than I could buy it the UK. The site is really odd as it not a motorcycle site, but all I can say is 100% as promised and delivery took 10 days over xmas(fully tracking etc). http://www.ev
  8. TC - 01 Littlecat - 02 Mealexme - 03 iWannaGoFast - 04 Augustburnsred - 05 Stu - 06 mojo - 07 iiisecondcreep - 08 Susieque - 09 techno - 10 Bogof - 11 rennie - 12 yorbandit - 13 Keith565 - 14 whitedevil - 15 Karimura - 16 nman1 -17 Rebel Rach - 18 Green - 19 GOG - 20 Bonniebird - 21 Throttled - 22 Randomobject-23 Tango - 24 Nellie - 25 MickeyGW - 26 Mk5Centurion - 27 Craig-28 medtec - 29 Theboyparker - 32 Fozzie - 33 Bumble - 37 Byangoma - 40 R1Barry - 41 TnT - 42 Voodoo - 46 RiffmasterII - 50 Remy - 54 Decor58 - 58 Rushwind - 59 Timmy Tiger - 69 MrB
  9. Forever and ever --- (The Mighty) Demis Roussos
  10. A pointless exercise in my opinion. The nature and cost of the exercise will place it out of the reach of most, and those who most likely could afford it like to ride bikes, and not look at a heads up display on your visor shouting " I'll be Back" in a Austrian accent.
  11. You will always find me in the kitchen at party's --- Jonah Lewie
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