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  1. The bell piece in the transit connect on the A1(M) who clearly didn’t want me to overtake by aggressively swerving infront of me when he was lane 1 and i was 2, he was about 50mph and i was 70! I backed off and went back into lane 1 and so did he...until i tried to pass again...so it was a long ride sat behind him!
  2. Thats pretty much the size of my house. Like.
  3. If i am going anywhere that the bike can be out of sight of the road, ie mates house that has an alleyway, i will do two disc locks, one is alarmed. If i go to town or anywhere its a fat chain and two disc locks. I do need to get a lock for my helmet though! Anyone recommend any?
  4. uh oh... you might have baby Ka's on the way.
  5. No it worked fine last month.
  6. Can anyone recommend any good fog light fluid? I’m down to the last 1/3 and it isn’t working so i assume i need to top it up. 2009 ford focus if thats makes a difference? TIA
  7. Lil ride before work today. Gave her a cleaning and lubing over the last few days too! The kreiga is my go-to commuting luggage. It is great. She’s spoilt.
  8. Gavc88


    Recently i have been getting a phobia of hitting my head.. it started about a year ago but is developing quickly! I don’t know why it started. When entering multi story car parks i feel the need to shut my eyes and put my hand on top of my head despite being sat in a car.. bending down to put plates etc in the cupboard after emptying the dishwasher hurts Hell i keep squinting now just thinking about it !
  9. I got stopped after doing 3 8’s and told by the examiner that they were too wide and i needed to make them smaller to pass. So i did them smaller. I was taking the piss and doing it quite wide for safety..
  10. Have you got biking or driving experiance? Personally it wouldnt have worked for me. I had 10 years driving experiance and never ridden a bike before. I needed the time between the lessons! Trouble with them, in my opinion, is that if you fail the mod 1 then you have to cancel your mod 2 and then thats a lot of pressure to have on your shoulders! However lots of people have done it successfully!
  11. The bell that overtook a moped round a blind bend crossing double whites... as i was coming the other way..
  12. On my first one (about 10 years ago) i got like 30/75 Then on the one i did last year i got about 60/75. I get the impression that if i did it 5 times in a row with the same videos i would get varying results.
  13. I bought one like that for my bike but never got round to fitting it. I would only use it on journeys which i need sat nav for (highly likely to be none but i like spending money) as i would be tempted to change song etc or have a look at lights. Temptation
  14. My GSX 650F came with a top box and rack, which i hated. I ended up buying a magnetic tank bag from Aldi at £15 or £20. It has 4 magnets in and sticks to the tank like a gooden. It also has a strap to be clipped on for secuirty. It has two shoulder straps tucked away to be a rucksack too. Although it looks shit like that.. It has two side pockets and a top pocket with a hole and rubber grommet in for headphones/charger lead. The main pocket has a clear cover section for sat nav / map. All zips have big glove friendly ring pulls. More than happy with it. — Got a kriega us20 se
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