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    Music. Rock/metal/jazz/lounge/swing/reggae/thrash
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  1. Needing front right fairing kit and indicator as some bellend tipped my bike parked at work in the bike rack any help.would be hot
  2. I got my rst paragon 2 boots from j&s in gateshead and the sole at the front came off a little within 2 weeks of waring them but.they wouldnt replace them as they said they dont know if it was due to road damage.or not (wich i understand) my.word against theres ect still using them 100 quid boots with.the flappy sole lol
  3. Found some cheapy crash protectors on that wish websight.for 20 quid mivht.order.them for a lugh hah
  4. Lets get straight into this First off buying this helmet the interior was SUPER ABRASIVE! To the point of casuing several rashes on my face and forehead for the first week or so due to its mesh like "hygenic design" However this thing now fits like a dream! Comfortable snug but a little tightaround the cheeks still as i keep biting the inside of my mouth when i talk .. (Expected) The noise level is superb its like being in a little bubble there are small gaps behind the ears that could probably do with a little more padding as wind seems to get up there a little some times but other tha
  5. dunno if they'd do cbr one like all the other ones I've looked at around the 50 quid mark are for cbr125r up to 2010. Anything after 2010 seem to rocket in price
  6. Going to look as some skate wheels tomorrow like I'm pretty sure there more to it that some nylon spools taking in the strength of the bolt ant it bending in impact into account but I think I could drum some up for cheaper than there soled like il let you guys know how I get on
  7. Cheers mate im not fussed about drilling through the fairings like easy job
  8. Hey guys first off sorry if im posting in the wrong section not sure where to put this lol Ok so im looking at getting as much crash protection for my honda cbr125r and im struggling to find any sliders hamdel spools ect that arnt disgustingly over priced....(i know paying 150 quid for protecting 300+ worth of damage sounds good BUT the principle is im not willing to splash out that kind of money for what is essentially a bolt and a skateboard wheel to protect my bike. Im wondering if there are any of you guys that know where to find a set for responsible price and what bolt diameter/le
  9. Ok so ivebeen riding my cbr125r for close to 5 weeks now and heres what i think Good points. Very nippy Takes off quick for a 4 stroke Extreme top speed Super comfortable (im 6"2) Controll is very responsive Easy to ride and get use too Great suspension 98mile to the gallon Bad points. Exhaust sounds a bit farty at times Brakes are a bitch to bed in Stock wheels takes a long time to run in Gear leaver a little high For up shifting All the bad points a basically me nitpicking this bike is my utter love and cant realy fault it its a stone cold survivor of a bike
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