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  1. Some of these people have never owned a Chinese made motorcycle. Now in answer to your question, depends how much you want to spend! A Chinese bike will last for a few years, I rode a 4 year old one from Colchester to King's Lynn for someone who had never ridden a geared bike before and had done his CBT and commuting on a scooter (he had a fleet bike, which was a Honda Melody 110cc horrid thing, tiny and he is over 6 ft, looked like a gorilla on a kids scooter). The maintenance this bike had received was not good, though it had an MOT it needed several repairs for it's next MOT, these i
  2. Sounds like a fuelling problem, replaced the fuel line and filter?
  3. Which is why I asked the question "where and who was it purchased from" That is what is relevant. If it is a recognised dealer they are not going to risk prosecution by knowingly selling non accredited helmets which is why make and model is irrelevant. I have only dealt with one case of a fake helmet here in the UK before and that was a fake AGV that split down the middle. Make and model only beomes relevant if it is a non recognised brand which I would imagine the OP would have advised had that been the case Seeing as the OP has just the CBT he may not have a clue what is a curren
  4. Well I bought it from the company that is the wholesaler for the Duchinni range, I don't think they would be selling fakes of the helmets they are importing....
  5. I have a Duchinni helmet, do not know it it is a copy of another brand of helmet, but it has a SHARP rating of 4* and fits me head nicely!
  6. This question has been asked before but I will ask it again in large letters. What brand is the helmet? What model is the helmet?
  7. A13 out, A130 to Chelmsford, then the A131! Well at least I started in London....
  8. The Chinese are getting there with quality. My wife's little 125 Zontes Monster is a nice little bike for city commuting. Bit strangled and it struggles to reach 60 but then again I am not exactly a teenager so with less load on it will shift a bit better. Had disc brake front and rear, so stops well, 5 speed box, reasonable tyres as well (even though Chinese, still gave good grip in the wet). They are not brilliant and suffer from the typical furry fastener syndrome that Chinese bikes tend to suffer from, but they are easy to work on and with only basic maintenance provide a robust and reliab
  9. Take it back and best of luck in getting it sorted. It seems very few Hyosung dealers are worthy of the name dealers!
  10. Its literal translation to modern english is something like: Enclosure of the Gods So? My question is still valid.... I like the Thor films....
  11. Asgard? If they break in does Thor appear and clobber the crap out of them with his hammer?
  12. I mean pump the lever up and crack the bolts or crack the bolt on the M/C and pump lever till you get some fluid there I did, I cracked the bleed nipple open, no joy, lower banjo, no joy, so got this syringe for under a tenner and sucked the air through. Worked like a charm!
  13. Banjo bolts were cracked open and washers replaced, it just would not charge the master cylinder. That syringe just pulled it through nicely!
  14. Changed the seals on the front caliper and I could not get the damned system to prime after I had bolted it all back together! Tried tying the brake handle to the handlebar, no joy, tried half pulls, no joy. Screwfix sell a plastic 1 litre syringe which comes with a length of clear hose, supposedly for draining the oil out of things with no drain hole, like some old lawnmowers. This hose fits neatly over a bleed nipple after warming in hot water, hose on, crack open nipple, pull on syringe, pulls brake fluid through system. Cost? £9.99 inc VAT
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