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  1. Sorry but in another week he will be forgotten, like a lot of us Ex-Service men who served in different battles around the world for this s++thole of a country, he will be another statistic like some of my service friends have been
  2. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" , That is the true meaning of hero. People who have served in the forces and served in less hospitable surroundings understand this statement, these are true hero's, lets not water that down
  3. Some of these excuses for bad Customer Care are getting more outlandish, sent my daughter a brand new Laptop via Parcel Force Next morning delivery (£17.60), she didnt get it on Thursday , so phone Parcel Force they said it was picked up and waiting for delivery, Friday phoned again ,they said they havent got it , but the tracking showed it at the collection depot, while I was on the phone to him he got an operative to search the Depot , they found it along with a whole consignment that hadn't been booked in, but he will make sure that its despatched pronto, this morning (Saturday) checked the
  4. I must be the odd man out on this site , I only listen to Verdi when I'm in the garage
  5. Dunno look like brothers to me ( A City Fan)
  6. Think the vaccine ended in 2005, and not every parent took their kids for the jab, like you I have the round tell tale scar
  7. Maybe there is some truth to this,was listening to a Virologist on the radio,maybe the amount of doctors and nurses who have succumbed to this who come from abroad and didn't have this vaccine could be a pointer https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/14/coronavirus-uk-people-got-bcg-less-susceptible-covid-19-12555947/
  8. Any idea where that was done matey
  9. Maybe an over tightening in that area,have you tried Plasti/Flexi Gauge , to see how the bearings are?
  10. This chap (British) has just started doing it on the 600rr site, have a look https://www.600rr.net/threads/movistar-edition-600rr-colour-variation.584205/
  11. If it's vapour lock (Fuel Injection was supposed to help stop that) try opening your Petrol cap, turn on ignition ,dont start the engine (or try to) and let the pump run, do this at least 5 times , it might help to force any gas out of the line.
  12. Have you tried just opening the filler cap and let it breath?
  13. Take a look at this although 2007 should be in the same ball park https://yamahaclub.com/forums/topic/9005-ybr125-2007-wiring-diagram-and-technical-really-technical-spec/ Idle 1400 rpm
  14. I tend to think it's the ECU , and with the absence of a Speed sensor could be the CKP thats supplying the pulse, there are some ECU's on Ebay £50, but would be better if you knew someone that you could borrow their's to find out, as the bikes running fine the CKP is working
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