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  1. Thanks guys. Much appreciated! I will be careful
  2. Evening all!! Just popped on to tell you all that after a disastrous first attempt, I got my CBT! It went well -far from perfect- but good enough. Thanks to all who gave me the encouragement to keep going when I really just wanted to give up.
  3. Cheers guys! That all makes perfect sense. Just what I've been doing in my practise.
  4. Hi! Can anyone tell me how far apart the cones are in the figure of 8 exercise in the CBT? Also, is this exercise done solely with the clutch, or is there a little acceleration?
  5. Peaches I hope you get there on the 20th- the best thing you can do is practise practise and practise some more. It will eventually click into place enough to get you started. I went back for 4 half days to get extra training and build confidence before 'passing' I was also a complete beginner and went through the same as yourself even breaking the clutch lever when I came flying off on the first day! But..... After 2 weeks of having my L plates on my experience and confidence gets better every day and boy is it fun!!!! Keep with it and have faith in yourself- the best things often take a bit
  6. Icebreaker sounds excellent! Thanks. I have found something similar.
  7. As we all know, if you want to learn to drive a car you book driving lessons. My question is this : are there such lessons available if you want to learn to ride a bike properly? Or is it just straight into the CBT? I personally feel I'd benefit greatly from some thorough lessons BEFORE doing the CBT. For me, CBT is executed at break neck speed, and I feel i need more time. I want to know exactly what I'm doing before I get let loose on the roads. I'm in the Glasgow/ Renfrewshire area. Is there anyone who can teach me? Recommendations greatly appreciated
  8. I'm determined to nail this, Rennie. I will practice on my wee Lexmoto 125 every chance I have!
  9. Thanks so much for that Fabicha. Even although I didn't complete the CBT yesterday, I did succeed in riding a motorcycle without falling off. Yay! Reading everyone's kind comments on here is giving me the confidence to continue. I WILL get there!
  10. Hoggs! Thankfully I don't have to pay on the 20th. Phew! Could get expensive if I did. I do have a piece of land next to my house, so I'll wheel the bike there and practice getting that elusive sweetspot! Incidentally, the instructor is leaving at the weekend and starting a whole new career. So fingers crossed that the next one will be more patient and understanding!
  11. Today I am not a happy girlie! Yesterday, I attended my CBT bright and early. I had been waiting for months for this day to come around, so I was pretty excited at the prospect of finally becoming road legal. I was placed in a group with three male "learners" who were all exceptionally nice guys! However, despite their claims of being "novices", they all took off like ducks to water.( turns out all 3 had had some biking experience afterall) I , on the other hand, had NONE and as a result juddered and stalled my way around the course like a drunk kangaroo. I couldn't help comparing myself to
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