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  1. Hello everyone. While getting ready for work i junked on the thundercat and it wouldn't start. The immobiliser had been dodgy for a while. So i pulled the immobiliser out, the wires were a farce so I've replaced the wiring loom to save time. Just fitted the replacement loom but now my problem is this. The electrics turn on, i can hear the fuel pump start, but the bike itself won't even attempt to start. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what this would likely be. The immobiliser was a Taurus t3000. I've replaced the loom with one from an identical bike although it does have what look to be
  2. Ah right, cheers. I was always told they weren't safe on anything over a 125. If its safe though I'll happily use it.
  3. Well the seller got im touch quickly, explained that the chain had been sent by mistake. Also told me they had no orange 530 chains, but he could send me a 520 conversion if i still wanted orange. Which i do. New chain arrived and I've fitted it. But it's a split link. So ill need to buy a 520 rivet link as i wouldn't feel comfortable with a split link on a 600. If i can't get the rivet link in time, is there anything i can do to make the split link more secure?
  4. Well i thought id splash out and get an orange chain for the bike, to accentuate the colour scheme. It turned up within two days which i was impressed with. So tonight i stripped the bike down (put new tyres on while i was at it) and went to fit the chain. The chain was sold as a chain and sprocket kit for yamaha thundercat. The chain is too thin to even sit on the sprockets that came with the kit! and it was 6" too short. I need the bike on the road, the old chains knackered and now i have no bike until the seller responds! Am i being stupid and missing something, please tell me i am!
  5. so he wants less drag so he can go faster, but wants less stopping ability at those higher speeds? I aint no expert but holy shit is he insane? This sort of bullshit advice will lead naive gullible viewers to do the same and risk their lives!
  6. Morning people, aint been on here in a while. Well it finally happened, for the first time in 3 years since passing my DAS (it had happened many years before) I dropped the bloody bike. In the most stupid of circumstances. While riding back home i realised i had previously over tightened the chain, so i pulled onto my drive (which is very sloped) and thought i could just do it quickly as i planned on going out soon. Grabbed the spanner to loosen the rear bolt, as i pulled the spanner it pushed the bike forward down the slope, taking it off the sidestand...and it dropped! Thank god i had b
  7. Are jaffa cakes, cakes or biscuits? They're called cakes but I feel they're more biscuity
  8. i was with carole nash last year, they renewed my policy even after me telling them i got another policy with a different company. they took money off me so i complained and they agreed theyd made a mistake and refunded me my money. then on friday i received a letter saying i owe them money somehow....absolutely bizarre company, just about to ring them and see what the hell theyre playing at!
  9. i had a hyosung, theyre a korean bike. i absolutely loved it. it was always reliable so long as you keep on top of maintenance. the only thing i found a fault with was the poor quality exhaust, if i had another i would get stainless steel downpipes but other than that great bike. They are comfy too and look great
  10. this has caught my eye, i have a yamaha thundercat and the bulb retainer clip has snapped on it, meaning my bulbs a bit wobbly, its a H4 bulb, so will any H4 retaining clip from halfords fit it or are they different, the problem i have is i only have part of the clip which means i cant compare side by side to see if its the same. Cheers folks
  11. Can you not get a replacement frame from a bike breaker, might be worth looking into....so long as its not damaged.
  12. So does anyone have any good beef jerky recipes for my smoker, the shops are a rip off for a scrap of beef jerky, id rather make my own, perfect snack for when im out hunting. i am curious if anyones made rabbit jerky as ive got hundreds in the freezers in the shed!
  13. Bhawk

    Air Rifles

    i had an old gasram air rifle as a kid for hunting, loved the thing, accurate, quiet and deadly within range. At work we use those cheap gas hatsans, they do ok for killing pigeons and the like but their power drops off quite drastically as the gas starts to run down.
  14. An oldie but goldie: Whats the smartest thing to come out a womans mouth? Einsteins cock!
  15. I bought a smoker in the summer for smoking the fish I catch, now it's winter I'm going to try smoking some rabbit and venison. Also going to try making my own beef jerky soon. Smoking makes all food taste better
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