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  1. Passed my Module 2 yesterday now I have the difficult decision on what bike to get. I like the naked style bikes about 6 or 7 years old. What's people's opinion?
  2. My Module 2 is fast approaching and the nerves are starting to kick in
  3. Hi I passed my mod 1 with no minors and have my mod 2 coming up soon so I was just wondering your opinions which of the 2 modules is easier?
  4. Hi I was interested to find out if you indicate before a lifesaver or the other way around, thanks.
  5. Thanks but the routes I need are for Taunton Somerset and these seem to be from the old test centre, any help would be appreciated thanks
  6. Hi has anyone got the UK test routes thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Fredc could you send me a copy of the test route for Taunton, Somerset many thanks.
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