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  1. I've had enough of this cold , wet miserable weather . I'm supposed to be a Biker for goodness sake ! And it's got nothing to do with having a Harley either . There's just no fun in riding in the cold . I was going to go for a quick ride this afternoon to warm the bike up before doing an oil change but as soon as I put my boots on it went grey and started raining again . The rest of this summer had better make up for April and May .
  2. I love the Peak District but I've got my own ideas about where the good bits are . My favourite is the b5056 from Ashbourne to Bakewell . The thing is though , I've got to get there first and the bast*rds have put Average Speed Cameras all along my established route . Now I have to go via Abbots Bromley and Uttoxeter .
  3. A bloke in one of those things waved at me once while waiting at a junction . Feeling rather superior as I sat astride my GSXR 1100 I surprised myself by impulsively making a well known gesture that implied that the gentleman had a liking for self pleasure . That would have been the end of it but shortly afterwards I realized that the f**ker had done a U turn and given chase ! Not really knowing what on earth to do I ended the situation by gassing my bike up to a ton plus and leaving mr angry far behind . I think I might have touched a raw nerve there .
  4. These bloody things have been popping up on a regular basis for as long as I can remember . If wobbling about inside a plastic egg was a good idea it would have caught on decades ago . It doesn't matter how clever it is , the driver will always look like an instant Bellend .
  5. Hello and welcome . The first thing that comes to my mind is why was it taken apart in the first place ? There's usually a very good and very expensive reason why a bike ends up in pieces . Can you post a load of pictures and try to find out from your dad in his words what's wrong with it ? Then we might be in a better position to advise what path to take .
  6. You guys really just need to become Facebook friends and be done with it . There's more activity on General Chat than anywhere else on this forum . I'm not having a go , but it would just be easier and more entertaining for you .
  7. Err , the engine , the styling , in fact everything about it . I'd have one in a heartbeat if my numbers came in .
  8. Even if I could afford a new bike I've never been on a test ride at a dealership in my life . I've always just seen a bike that I like and decided to get one and live with the consequences . You will never find the perfect bike but you can get used to what you've got . And while we're at it , I wouldn't describe any of the bike's under discussion as " Retro " . Sticking a vaguely older looking tank on a pile of modern parts is just a marketing ploy . This is retro .
  9. I'd strip out each and every clutch plate , stick them in a bowl of oil and reassemble the clutch while they are still dripping . If you don't do this , you could risk burning the clutch or even stripping the friction material off the plates . As for the tank , that's just grim . A large , in-line fuel filter would be a no brainer . There is a possibility that that stuff might dissolve so if you can rinse the tank out with petrol a few times that might help .
  10. We had thunder in Cov this afternoon .
  11. Harley Davidson own brand of course at £40 a go .
  12. The manufacturer is Harley Davidson . Guess what oil they recommend ?
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