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  1. I was being a tad tongue in cheek because I'd never actually heard of service interval warning lights .
  2. Take the bulbs out and write a note in the back of the manual .
  3. Washable , comfortable , easy to remove , effective and cheap as chips .
  4. That's because my ER5 has a Primary Drive Chain instead of direct gear drive . ( Worked it out )
  5. Are you positive it's anti clockwise ? My ER5 is clockwise .
  6. This is where the Torque Wrench debate usually erupts . If it were me , and particularly in this situation , I would be doing it very cautiously by touch and sight .
  7. My first thought too but upon reflection it sounds a bit too uniform for a slack camchain . They normally make more of a random chattering sound but I guess it depends on the individual bike . I've never been near a Yamaha with a spanner so I'm not sure .
  8. Well I hope I'm wrong but that sounds very mechanical to me . If you want to rule out an exhaust leak , no need to be messing around with smoke . Just smother each header one at a time with a rag .
  9. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-pro322-4-piece-socket-adaptor-set/?gclid=cjwkcaia1ekbbhbzeiwax3gql2ccver7t4ammegdlq5sdhkcfjj22egmp2nt6lodboyglhnv4gxuuxocklyqavd_bwe
  10. I get where you're coming from but I've checked and double checked and as far as I can see , the gaskets sit flush on the head and do not push into a recess like you would expect . Dosen't seem right to me either but there it is .
  11. I looked on CMSL and then put the genuine part number into eBay . 110091856 All the pictures suggest that they are semi - round ie they have a flat surface and a curved surface . Might make a difference but you would expect the gasket to partially crush before the clamp snaps . That said I did snap two Kawasaki exhaust clamps on a girlfriend's bike . I think I forgot to mention it because she ( or maybe I ) was on the way out .
  12. Check out these gaskets . Do they seem flatter in cross section than the copper ones you are using ?
  13. Re the gaskets , that's exactly what I was thinking . Here's a picture of the genuine article and it rather FLAT in cross section as opposed to the round looking ones that James is using .
  14. What an excellent description . Nothing further to add except don't make any plans for the weekend .
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