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  1. Having rebuilt a number of older CG125's , I too do not know what part you are referring to . What year is your bike ? Maybe this is a modification . When you say the Air Filter , do you mean the Airbox or do you mean a Pod Filter ? If it's a Pod Filter then this is probably a modification done when someone realised how badly the bike ran especially when it's sucking in water . I've checked the CMSL website and I can find no reference to any rubber flaps that straddle the frame in the area of the airbox or battery . I trust this is a Honda CG125 and not one of the plethora of imitations .
  2. And as a footnote , when this thing's on the road I'll be dropping a whopping 700 cc's but only 10 hp . It's a funny old world isn't it .
  3. I'm not bothered anymore . I have to say that really because I've just lost 100 hp and gained 100 cc . Still got the same castle though . ( And colour scheme , and bag ....)😉
  4. Well it's been a while now and I'm sorry to say that I just can't get on with this new operating system . The most frustrating thing is that if I view something in unread it then vanishes from the list and I don't know where it is anymore .
  5. I think you are on the right lines here .
  6. I just can't work out how it could be applied . Unless they are covering themselves against loss or damage incurred in some unforeseen civil unrest that could be attributed to Covid 19 . They probably wouldn't be able to tell you if you asked them but they just stuck it in there incase the unimaginable occurs .
  7. As others have said , get a second opinion .
  8. So what's this thread all about then ?
  9. To the OP , have you tried sitting on it with your helmet on ? What does it sound like then ? My point is , a lot of bikes sound horrible when you're not used to listening to them in a confined space without the filter of a helmet .
  10. It would do no harm to rule that out .
  11. fastbob


    Sounds like a bad connection somewhere . You're going to have to pull apart all the multi pin connectors and get in there with little folded up bits of sandpaper or a needle file set and clean everything up . And don't be misled into squirting WD40 over everything because all that will do is make it smell nice . Start with the one that connects the dash board ( Obviously ) Good luck .
  12. Here's a thought. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAND-NEW-ENGINE-YAMAHA-125cc-YBR-TYPE-NON-GENUINE-/193393301013?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  13. Well if a new tensioner dosen't work then the camchain itself will need replacing which is an extensive job that could easily be described as a complete engine rebuild. So , no , it is not hyperbole .
  14. Ok . Here's a genuine tensioner for £18 . It's held on with two bolts that can be reused . It has a gasket that you can make from cardboard for nothing . Fit as follows . Undo the two bolts and take the old one off . Scrape away any old gasket OR if the gasket is intact just bung a bit of silicone sealant on it . Undo the single bolt on the end of the new one and carefully take out the rod and spring . Push the plunger all the way in and bolt the new tensioner onto the bike . Insert the rod and spring and you will hear a clicking sound . That's the ratchet taking up the slack . Keep the spring
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