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  1. I had the same issue on a 2011 YBR, swapped out the ignition barrel and that sorted it
  2. Thanks Gents That's me with something lined up to do at the weekend now (once ive completed the long list of stuff the wife and kids give me)
  3. Hi Everyone I have noticed recently a whistling that appears to be coming from the front brake, its very high pitched and although not particularly loud it is rather annoying. At least I think its coming from the front brake, this is supported by the fact that when I pull the brake lever the noise stops. Can anyone suggest where I might start looking to find and resolve or is it most likely something I can ignore (I'm guessing not if its concerning the brakes) TIA Skimblet
  4. I may need a huge massive favour if anyone in this area is willing to help me out
  5. Have you tried contacting your local dealer or WK direct to ask them which part you need?
  6. when I first started (and I'm still relatively new to it) riding at night on roads with streetlights freaked me out as I kept catching my shadow in the corner of my eye and thought it was something/someone coming up beside me, scared the bejeezus out of me!!
  7. I got it to start I shorted across the Black and the black/white from the original ignition and vavoom, starts fine, so im back the ignition forshizzle I shall now obtain an oem part and get a garage to fit it (cos i cant get the yoke off) In the meantime I shall replace the crank cover gasket and hope there is no other issue other than maybe a bit of water leaking in at some point that has caused the emulsifiying oil in there (maybe around where the crank sensor wires go in)
  8. Cover off to check crank sensor and its full of white creamy shit, im guessing I have a bigger problem now?
  9. Other than reconnecting the original ignition back, no. I did try bypassing it and added a switch instead of the new ignition but that didn't work, just gave the same result as the old ignition. today I'm going to look at the earth connections and the crank sensor
  10. ive not checked the fuel pump, it does make a noise when the ignition comes on, and im sure there is fuel getting through (as i got a face full of it earlier from the pipe when i took it off) Will put that on the list to do
  11. Further attempts by me to sort this have been less than fruitful..... I flattened the battery, so have replaced that (ordered a charger but it was dud), still nothing, there seems to be no spark, the lights come on, it turns over but does not start. So today I have put a new battery on, reseated all the connections and sprayed them with connection cleaner fluid, taken the coil off and checked that with a multimeter and it all seems fine, ht lead and cap seem also. Also looking for another garage, the one I have it booked into (for two weeks time) is likely to charge a fortune to pick th
  12. Looks like the ignition may not be the problem!!!!!! I have been away with work for a week, came back and tried to start it (its been sat in the nice warm dry garage), it turned over as usual but still nothing, So I thought ok, last time i tried with the replacement ignition it worked,so why not bypass the ignition that is in there and put a switch in until i get it to the garage to be sorted properly. Put the wiring, relay and switch in place, connected the battery and flicked the switch and all seemed well, i was in exactly the same place as i was whenever i turned the key, press the s
  13. revving high intermittently Its one of the things I will ask them to look at when they have it, ive booked it in for an hours workshop time and will do more if required I'm guessing the garage must be fairly good, apart form the fact they cam recommended by at least three people, they are also fully booked up until the beginning of April
  14. I'm getting ready to scrap this thing (I wont though) Still have what appears to be the ignition problem (as not changed it over yet) Now this morning it cut out several times while riding, it also appears to be revving high and possibly slipping out of gear or something with the clutch, I'm not overly sure. I have now booked it into a garage for a bit of a health check, they have also said they can change the ignition for me if needed. sort of feels like I'm quitting but I think it just needs a pro to check it out for me to make sure there is nothing majorly wrong with it.
  15. I play when I can either A) find the time or B) Get the kids off the consoles Mainly Battlefield 1 or 4, Division and Watchdogs 2 at the moment, the kids are currently into Ark, Roblox and Minecraft
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