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  1. Try local auction houses. I keep an eye on the lisatings near me and they regularly have invalid things go through v.cheap.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Sure you're ok? No pulled muscles or anything? Could I ask if you were in bright colours? Lights on? Any excuse for the smidsy? Re the bike, at that sort of value I'd expect it to be a write off. Start scouring the adverts for similar bikes. If they hit the front then I'd be wanting new forks/wheel as a minimum plus theres the possibility of frame damageat the headstock. Its going to come out of their insurance so be ready with a value you'd be happy with.
  3. It's all been said really. As a minimum, whenever your direction of travel is going to change in relation to the road or other users. I think some people get confused at roundabouts.
  4. unlucky. I think everything feels fast on the circuit because of the proximity of all the cones - its a very cluttered environment. I had a minor for being too slow on the hazard - first run was just under and I had to do a second run. It is nerve wracking. In practice I kept clipping the cone, it was only when I started to do deliberate countersteer that it clicked.
  5. It might be possible with an electric bike - zero or something but not with a conventional engine
  6. Many people find the big bike easier for mod1. for the fig 8 remember you can go quite wide. slalom you want to be crossing close after the cones not just before them - that gives you a bit more space, and again you can go quite wide. slip the clutch and use the rear brake for all the slow stuff. You can do the slalom and fig 8 very slowly. I found that on the u turn being right on the line at the start didnt work for me, you can turn better if you can swing out slightly first, if you're on the line you cant. Its a bit like countersteering - you need the front wheel to go
  7. Nope. You can ride a 50cc (limited to 28mph). https://www.gov.uk/motorcycle-cbt/car-driving-licence
  8. I've bottled out Fortunatly the guy seems understanding. I wasn't totally happy buying unseen and I suspect it will need a fair bit spending on it. Spent half an hour worrying and bottled.
  9. Hi all, I've just agreed to buy an f800st from the other side of the country. Bit of a punt, but hey... How do people usually work payment /collection? Do you do bank xfr once the collection driver has seen the bike? Recommendations for bike delivery from hemel hempstead to harrogate?
  10. DVLA wont give it up. If you've narrowed the location down to bude then I'd join facebook groups for the area and ask.
  11. ignition coil failed? More info needed though.
  12. The book isn't as good as the dvd imo. And the dvd can be found on youtube. If you want a book I'd recommend total control by lee parks. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Total-Control-Performance-Street-Techniques/dp/0760343446
  13. You're out of luck. Bike needs to be 46bhp or less and can only be restricted to 50% of original power. Daytona is 112bhp, 50% would be 56. so too high. http://a2bikes.co.uk/about-a2-licence
  14. Jackie is on the ball I think. Has the granny admitted it? are you dealing with her insurance or yours? Do you want to keep the bike or do you fancy a change? Where is the bike? I'd ask to buy it back at scrap value.
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