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  1. Textiles it is then! Haha Looking at getting an sv650 as I've heard and read pretty good things! So I would of thought I'll look a muppet cutting about with triumph textiles haha
  2. Thanks guys! I've saved enough for a 125 but seeing as that may not be the best case I think I'll better invest it in gear! Also, as I'm going to be learning and beginning to ride during the winter, what's my best bet with gear? I'd rather leathers due to them being safer but are they going to keep me warm?.. Sorry to ask really basic questions! Haha
  3. Okay so first things first I'm an absolute novice in this forum however I have said Hola in the Hola section.. So ive booked my CBT and subsequently also DAS course.. They are roughly a month apart. The CBT being middle of december and the DAS being end of January. First off would it be beneficial to get a cheap 125 in this time? I know it's been covered with people riding for up and beyond a year with a 125 but will a month have much of a difference? And secondly when it comes to the CBT is it worth investing in my own Helmet and Gear? Or hold off until the DAS stage? Thanks for any help
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