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  1. Hi, I need a new chain and sprocket for my Yamaha Thundercat (600cc). I'm confused about which one to buy as there seems to be heavy weight, and other types available. I usually do less than 3k a year and mainly use the bike for commuting. I don't mind spending a little more if it means I get a better quality product. Please can someone recommend me one? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. I like the look of those pilot tyres, may give them a go. No I don't really go about like a loon as I don't fancy ending up as jam on the road
  3. Hi all I need new tyres for my Yamaha Thundercat 600. Any recommendations? I never take it on the track (and am never likely to). Also my MOT advisory was that the rear tyre valve stem is slightly damaged, should I get this sorted before I get them fitted? Many thankies
  4. Hi all, Just asking for your help please. I took my bike for its MOT and they pointed out some of the LEDs on the indicators are not working. What do I do? Can I buy replacement LEDs or do I have to buy a whole new thing? I appreciate this is probably a very common/easy thing but I am, to conform to an age old stereotype: a) a girl and b) know nothing about/have no interest in mechanics. Thank you
  5. Got the new Muse album for Christmas, keep listening to M-m-m-m-m-madness, it's addictive! ">
  6. A passport holder that looks exactly like the passport anyway. Pointless! Although they did redeem themselves and bought me a Jeremy Hoye charm bracelet
  7. That's quite a collection Rider! We have 3 guinea pigs called Flymo, Magpie and Bilbo Baggins, they are little cuties
  8. I have quite a few hobbies and Ikm constantly wishing there were more hours in the day! I go horse riding every week, run about 4 times a week and ride my bike anything fro 3-6 times a week. Very much an outdoors person, and it doesn't cost you anything to cycle or run once you got the kit I also like walking over the downs but don't get to do it as much as I'd like. Indoors, I like cooking, reading and watching films (LoveFilm is good for that!)
  9. Florence and the Machine. I'm addicted. She's amazing Plus: Seth Lakeman Pink Floyd
  10. Why should it be a BH? what does it even mean? A few years ago no-one gave a shit about St George's day...
  11. And Colin, I saw someone on tv yesterday holding their breath for over 9 minutes, I could see how far I can get in 9!
  12. I will try and force it in then. Show it who's boss
  13. Hi everyone. Wondered if you could help me out with my new helmet? I bought it recently and am having trouble with it fogging up. It came with two plastic bits which I think are the things that stop it fogging. My old helmet came with it already fitted and I never had a problem. My new one didn't have them fitted, and there are no instructions. It doesn't seem to be as easy as simply snapping it in, because the space where they fitted on my old helmet is pretty non-existance and non-flexible on my new one. I don't want to damage it! Can anyone help please? Hopefully the pictures will give you
  14. *Bump* come on where are all the pictures?My bf looks hilarious with his
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