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  1. There are old pilots and there are bold pilots. But there are no old bold pilots.
  2. I've flown RC gliders off the top of Long Mynd, wonderful place to spend some time when the weather is nice.
  3. It's sometimes handy to have some thin garden wire and tie up bits that come off together. I'm a bit OCD about laying bits out in the order they came off. Comes from restoring old cars where you might be re-assembling a long time afterwards.
  4. Before and after. I also shortened the gear linkage on the Bobber as my new boots are thicker.
  5. What! You only bought the things you need? Poor show that chap. A trip for parts needed is always an excuse to purchase extras that will one day come in useful. Easier to sneak into house that way.
  6. Have a great day. Lovely sunny weather for a birthday.
  7. I have used welding wire when I didn't have the right split pin. I would be a bit wary of using an R clip, only because I use them on my boat trailers to retain trolley wheels and people nick them. They are too easy for some idiot to remove.
  8. If you try to press a rivet out without grinding the head off first you're putting a lot of pressure on the tool's pin. Hence you either grind the head off the rivet before pressing it out, or you just cut through the chain.
  9. This weekend I am being put in charge of a different vehicle....
  10. If you don't mind a suggestion, I give threads a smear of copper grease every time I work on anything. So your adjuster nuts and threads won't get corrosion for example. It's usually sold as copper assembly compound. It's handy where you have two different metals in contact which can lead to corrosion. Alloy wheels on steel hubs for example. Just a smear and things come apart easily and threads don't get rusty.
  11. This arrived..... New bash plate for the Bobber. £23 from AliExpress. I'll admit I was a bit hesitant but it's well made and they even included two small self-adhesive strips to hold the plate with the captive nuts in place. Delivery takes a bit longer but they sent updates at every stage.
  12. You mean by keeping out of her way by going out on the bike all day?
  13. Have you loosened the adjuster nut on the back of the swingarm? It looks like it is a few mm backed off. It would usually be up against the face of the plate in the back of the swingarm.
  14. The pin is a locking split pin. You need to have a replacement ready for when you refit. The rear axle nut will usually be pretty tight but usually able to loosen using a short breaker bar on the socket.
  15. Given the standard of driving at the moment I could offer several nominations. But today sees a draw between the tit in the Tesla who blasted round a blind bend and discovered Her Majesty's Constabulary dealing with an accident, and the dick in a Discovery who whilst retrieving a boat on the beach decided against using the concrete slipway and reversed onto the sand. Last seen axle deep in soft sand looking sad. I think the tit in the Tesla probably wins by a small margin for putting others at risk.
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