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  1. It is a physical hard drive connected by usb.
  2. There's nothing showing when I do that. Nor does it show in disk management.
  3. I have an old Seagate 500GB hard drive I use for backing up files, but I also keep all my graphics and video projects on there. Yesterday Windows updated and this morning the hard drive isn't being seen. Its light is still on and there is a beep when it is connected or disconnected but the drive isn't showing in File Explorer. I've tried it on my old laptop which didn't update and it isn't showing there either. Also tried it with a different connection cable. The only thing I really need off it is the graphics material, everything else is backed up elsewhere as well. An
  4. No. But in your case a plea of insanity would be deemed reasonable.
  5. @Six30 hope your Mrs is ok after the test result. We had an interesting day because one of the kids in my wife's class went for a test, if it had been positive it would have closed that school bubble and she'd be isolating. Not sure where would leave me until she'd had a test? Fortunately he was negative.
  6. Sorry to hear that, hope you both get through it ok. And take it easy afterwards, I've only known one person locally who has had it but it left her feeling very tired.
  7. Fortunately under Covid restrictions I was spared that particular gift.
  8. Thanks folks. A strange birthday indeed but I got to speak to our daughters and their husbands via Zoom. Highlights in the gift department included a model Bobber, Triumph T-Shirt, funds for heated gloves with battery packs and the Maund Speed tail tidy ( who also threw in a free T-shirt). And beer. Plus a Jinty N gauge loco.
  9. Brake pads are usually in slight contact with the disc so you will usually hear a slight rubbing as you rotate the wheel. It doesn't take much for salt to cause that slight contact to be a bit firmer. But rotating the wheels by hand will make it clear if there's a problem.
  10. Have you checked the front wheel? Run the bike stationary and see if the smell persists. If it does then it's not wheel related. If it only appears when moving it's most likely one of the brakes. Check the radiator as well. I get some interesting scents when horse crap gets in the rad.
  11. To be fair this is probably my fault. I chose the rear light which changed the default option. The default is a Lucas type lens which has a clear section for the number plate. I've solved the problem by ordering one of those as well. I didn't spot that the lens I had ordered didn't have the clear section. The guy is a one man workshop based in Pasadena, he's been really helpful and the quality of the kit is superb.
  12. That's a good suggestion, but I think it's coloured all the way through the moulding.
  13. I regret not buying the sticker I saw in our local bike shop many years ago. "I've been to Casualty"
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