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  1. A late Happy Birthday @JackieOWheels!
  2. I'm not a vegan, and have definitely encountered the self-righteous, preachy kind that give them all a bad name. Having said that, why is it a problem if some people want fake meat? The issue most vegans have with eating animals is the cruelty, not the taste or the way it looks on a plate.
  3. Don't get cocky and think 'I'll show that Porsche..' ..not on a wet day on a bike with no traction control anyway!
  4. Well, put it this way, I managed to crash through a barrier on my cbt and still pass I don't think it is sufficient, I reckon it should be at least a 2-day course with proper pass/fail conditions, including an emergency stop. On the subject of 'professional' food delivery riders, I did deliveroo for several years, think I was one of 3 with a full license out of dozens of riders. As said before there is no incentive to go beyond your cbt if you only want to ride a 125, just extra cost.
  5. It sometimes feels like technology is being put to use more effectively by criminals than law enforcement and security firms
  6. Cheers for the replies Just wondering, is the speedo issue likely linked, and if so would it be fixed by finding and fixing the electrical/battery issue?
  7. Hello! Had an extra day off and was out for a ride, I'd done about 18 miles or so when my speedo failed, needle just read zero. Soon after the engine cut out at low speed (maybe I just stalled it) and I couldn't restart it. The dash lights come on, fuel pump whines etc. but when I press the starter button they all turn off, then after a pause there is a clicking sound. Recovery guy reckoned it is the battery? Any advice appreciated
  8. Thank you hope we have some sun the rest of this bank holiday weekend, itching to get out for a ride!
  9. Are you suggesting fastbob has a television?
  10. Yes but what if he was washing it with the engine idling
  11. I leave the choke on and the engine idling for a couple of minutes, not unattended though. I think you'd be very unlucky to get a fine for that in reality - how would that even happen? A policeman walking past (already highly unlikely) decides to stop and watch you sat on your bike with the engine on, waits a few minutes, then issues you a fine?
  12. Apparently they have construction underway at various stages all the way up to SN19, I imagine it must be quite a challenge as after every launch the design of each succeeding model will have to be updated with the new data in mind.. maybe now they will give future models less flimsy legs!
  13. Pretty sure you are also a millennial @Stu? Those born 1981 - 1996 I'm sure the test changes have something to do with it, making it much more expensive and arduous to gain your license. Owning a bike is just a huge luxury for most people that it's difficult to justify, and they're not really practical when compared to a car. I also feel most people don't think they are cool, just dangerous. And unnecessary and polluting etc.. a relic of a bygone era, sadly. And unlike for boomers houses can't be bought for a fiver and a packet of Quavers any m
  14. Belated Birthday wishes @bonio hope you had a great day!
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