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  1. But what about the sprockets, they would need to be coated in the same ta-carbon, or they'd be worn down faster than usual by the super hard chain?
  2. We have separate accounts, just split all the household bills. Only part where it falls down is that I do pretty much all of the general/food shopping, and forget how much I've bought over a few weeks. But it's pretty equitable, we don't ever have to justify out spending to each other but still are open about the state of our finances, yes including my expenditure on bike related stuff!
  3. I think that would depend a great deal on the circumstances, and doesn't mean you are not supposed to filter. We all know insurance companies are not interested in protecting their clients!
  4. My understanding is that is how UK law works - generally speaking, if it is not forbidden, it is legal What do you mean by you're not supposed to do it?
  5. Thanks @Bender, Not too much really, it's generally a sort of 'elephant in the room' scenario. Hurts a bit to treated differently to my brother and sister, and makes my partner feel uncomfortable at times, but it could be a lot worse. He's not a bad person just misguided. (I'm sure he would say the same of me). Sorry, went off topic a fair bit!
  6. Wrong gender.. well everyone is entitled to their opinion I suppose.
  7. Haha did he have any ID to prove it? Entirely deliberate, he knows his name. Ah well!
  8. Fair point, that puts quite a few off I'm sure. I could be wrong, I think perhaps there was more of a natural sequence (pushbike - motorbike - car) previously, and having tried a motorbike some would enjoy it and wish to pursue biking, whereas now younger people are less likely to own a car let alone have started off with a motorbike. A lost opportunity perhaps.
  9. I have shopped for my friend (79) during lockdown as he was shielding, he is far from frail though As for parents, mum is gone and Dad is practical and not elderly either. Although I'm not looking forward to when he is, a man who deliberately doesn't put my partner of over two year's name in the Christmas card he sent me, and has made it quite clear my relationship is not valid and never could be. Still what do you expect from someone that still believes Mass should be conducted in Latin!
  10. Agreed, I think more than ever are not even trying a bike at all and it is slowly dying out.. admittedly I don't have the figures to hand but whenever stopping at bike cafes etc. in the past couple of years I'm usually one of the youngest there, and I'm not young - most pro footballers my age would be considered well past it The vast majority of 125s I see are food delivery scooters. I think on the whole society is becoming increasingly risk-averse, why would you ride a motorcycle they're so dangerous! Better to be in a steel cocoon with multiple airbags etc. Better yet
  11. I'm pretty sure I said more likely, not certain. I didn't seek to imply a difficult upbringing will automatically make someone turn to crime. As other people have pointed out, there are plenty of 'white collar' criminals who are no better, or worse. But I thought we were discussing this in the context of the theft of motorbikes, not criminality in general.
  12. Maybe some people are just born rotten, but I'd wager most are a product of their environment and upbringing. We all are to some extent. Why would you steal if you had something to lose? I'm not rich either but I have a job, rent a house etc. However I've had opportunities many people have not, and parents to instil certain values in me. Maybe this thief did too, I don't know. Maybe if you have nothing or little growing up you are more likely to take from 'the rich' (even if most of their victims wouldn't class themselves as such).
  13. I think we can agree to disagree on this forum without falling out, usually I don't think speeding after someone and deliberately knocking them off in a way very likely to kill them is a reasonable and proportionate response to your bike being stolen. That's essentially saying if someone steals from you you should be able to execute them.. where do you draw the line? If someone takes your TV should you chase them down and beat them to a pulp with a baseball bat? What level of crime equates to your life now meaning nothing? Yes being a victim of theft sucks, I've had two motorbi
  14. Clearly the red mist descended and he wasn't thinking things through. I reckon he was lucky to get manslaughter not murder really. 10 years in jail and taking someone's life though.. is a motorbike really worth that!?
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