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  1. Your best bet is eBay.. or the specialist enduro retailers. I doubt you would get much luck on this forum where the vast majority never go.. or have never gone off road. also search for MX and Motorcross gear, which is the same thing. The biggest difference between MX gear and standard motorcycle gear is that 'Tarmac' is never involved, so no need for the kind of protection you might need sliding down a road at road speeds. You are more likely to come off and land in mud. sand. vegetation... or grass at a much lower speed. So, the fabrics tend to be less tough and armour is really about impac
  2. Don’t blame it on sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight. Don’t blame it on the good time. Blame it on the lack of investment and computers running windows 3.1 (beta) as well as the lager lurgy.
  3. It's just so obvious to me, who actively enjoys riding in the rain? or worse.. camping in the rain. putting up tents and then taking them down, while it's raining, on what is supposed to be a holiday. Not me!! And Im not going to put anyone through that if it can be avoided. That year the rain was due to start on day two, the Sunday and continue till the Wednesday morning. err... no. In the last few days before the off it became increasingly clear that we would have to change plan. And so we did. with a lot of regret. There was no way to make it work. The guys already knew about our Plan
  4. My own strategy for the trips I organise is really quite simple. I basically say... Im going to 'such and such' does anyone want to tag along. we will be doing XYZ. Dates are such and such. Times for the crossing are these.. And, to break up the journey we will stay overnight at (usually) Ashford the night before, so we can have a nice early and yet relaxed start. Thats generally written in stone fairly quickly. After that I ask for suggestions, sometimes I get some, but mostly I get none at all. Aside from requests of things or places to avoi
  5. Such a sensible idea and something I really miss after moving over to Honda from my old BMW. It took some time getting re-used to a single switch. Though I believe these are now standard on more modern BMWs. The self cancellers on my bike are quite clever though, they are linked to the 'lean' detector and don't switch off until the bike is upright after turns. and has been that way for, I believe 10 seconds, or a set distance, or both. Though I'm more likely to cancel them myself before this happens.
  6. uncovered it and checked the chain. no sign of any rust but I gave it a paint of oil and recovered it. then it began to snow....
  7. And once you are there.. it puts so much literally on the doorstep. Italy is 80 miles away... and my calendar photo. This is a little under 80 miles south from Fussen. Though my plan is to follow the Alpine road east and then turn south for the GrossGlockner. and if we do cross into italy use the Staller pass. https://goo.gl/maps/eGbyrNUXALnLczfZ8
  8. 575 toll free miles from the Channel tunnel. a little further if you want to take in some of the attractions en route. like the aforementioned Black Forest.
  9. Its very real.. though as with any publicity photo, its possibly been colour enhanced. which you would expect. The lake is the Foggensee and the road that curves is the B16, I can also make out Schloss Neuschwanstein, which you will have seen on TV, its the castle used in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, with the town of Fussen, hidden by a hill at the head of the lake. Ive always planned to stop at a campsite thats right on the lake with that view. Heres another.. but from above and behind the castle... looking west at another, smaller lake nestled in the hills, the Alpsee. the smaller c
  10. oooh... I do like Bahco. But, if In saw a full set of Wera Joker wrenches... I might. I just might be tempted.
  11. They really suit some people.. but tend to be very expensive. Its the sort of thing one might do as an 'introduction' to touring, if you don't have the confidence to DIY. Everything is taken care of for you and you have knowledgeable guides who have done all the research in advance, so you can have a lot of confidence in getting your moneys worth. They are very popular with people who want a stress free bike trip. The only possible downside is that everything is 'written in stone" so there is little or no flexibility if the weather is a bit off. They can't simply change plans at the last minut
  12. Thats the plan.. that's always been the plan. 2022, third time lucky. However.. over the Alps means NO to Switzerland. and YES to the Allgau. aah... the Allgau. and the Deutsche Alpenstrasse
  13. Available from Rally Raid UK. https://tinyurl.com/y4p3fwlw
  14. Indeed.. but aside from Spain/Portugal by ferry.... who would want to tour at the fag end of winter anyway? especially if you want to go to the Alps.. where winter isn't over until late May or into June.
  15. Ive done that with Rob M. we made a conscious decision NOT to ride over the Millau... we went under it. we also had a really epic day... one of the best ever when we went to see the sea. the Med. and had a fabulous meal. Following the Tarn is a fantastic ride.. highly recommended. in fact that region around Milau and south to the Verdon. is truly stunning. Another time.. I took Snoddy.. for his dream ride. he wanted to do the Monaco Grand Prix.. and I made that happen for him. he also wanted to see the med as he never had in his life. Stop dreaming.. and start DOING!!!!
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