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  1. I never got on with the Tigers. too top heavy for my taste.. especially with a full tank. It was how they cornered - no. I am taller than you and never felt like I was sitting on a bike... it felt more like being perched (almost precariously) on top of it. a distinctly odd and unsettling feeling. and this without any luggage or a pillion. I'm not alone in that opinion, though it is admittedly a minority view. I think test riding is a must. Its never nice when you sink money into a bike and then rapidly conclude "this isn't for me". .
  2. No. (unless you are wiling to tell a few little fibs.) but... Given current circumstances your question is effectively meaningless. 1. you need the original receipt.** 2. warranty claims can only be made through the original supplier. (in Germany) personally, I wouldn't worry about the warranty - if the price is right. Rukka is generally very well made, with cutting edge materials... and the part thats most likely to go wrong.. if you are very unlucky. is the Goretex. and the warranty for that is 'eternal' and dealt with by Gore themselves - direct.
  3. For me, fit is everything. Once I found a brand (rather than a specific helmet) that fitted me perfectly and ticked my own particular boxes. I’ve stuck with that brand. I don’t have either the time or patience to look elsewhere or try on multiple helmets either in a shop or buying ‘on spec’ online. Now, it’s easy. I need a new helmet, I just go online - see what’s available from my preferred brand and order it at the lowest price I can find. I have tried on random helmets, usually when killing time at the dealership, but I’ve never been tempted to buy and that’s mainly due to the ‘
  4. Weather is totally messed up and has been for years. One years sample is absolutely worthless.
  5. no... he is a Trump loving Tory Brexiteer.
  6. I just wanted to tidy that up so I could admire it more easily.
  7. Because: Reasons. which is an inane answer. but then these conspiracy theories are even more inane.
  8. Oh look.... someone has an opinion. (That I have to pay to read)
  9. I already have a COVID passport. Half completed. To be finished on 20th of April. It’s the card I was given when I had the first vaccination back in February. The fact I’ve had the vaccination is also now on my medical records. So, it can either be the card. Or on completion I could pop along to my GP surgery and they could issue a certificate. It’s neither complicated or particularly onerous to sort out. No need for an App. Why make it difficult? Or restricted to people with smart phones?
  10. The width is the largest part.. the battery is lying on its back. Its just a tad wider than tall.. and just over 2.5" from front to back. The OEM price was outrageous.. but now you can buy a direct replacement for just over £100. and i fully expect that price to tumble further, as this type of battery becomes the norm.. bear in mind, the very first fully mobile phones ran on lead/acid batteries. lithum was developed to the current point to be safe, small and reliable. Nobody thinks twice about have one in their pocket.. or charging on their bedside table at night.
  11. When i bought my bike a replacement battery was nearly £600 and there was only the OEM available. A lot of money for a battery that was only 4" wide and just a box with a series of phone batteries inside. Fortunately the battery makers saw an opportunity and now, happily there are alternatives. But the OEM still costs £470. The "Made in Japan" mark adds a lot of tax!! When I first had a look at it I was amazed, both by the size and weight, light as a feather. Its tiny. Not much bigger than 2 packets of cigarettes stuck together. Ive been lucky with mine so far.. completely problem
  12. DCT. Which I’ve become such a huge fan of that any other bike that’s not a bloody Honda just isn’t on my radar. I just cannot imagine riding a standard geared bike with just one clutch. Also Lithium batteries have ruined (for me) the fun and excitement of stressing about having to charge the battery, plugging in the optimate and hoping the green light comes on and knowing that one day it will not. Thanks Honda - you’ve ruined my life. And I thought being a BMW fanboy was bad. Liking bikes that generally came with near fatal flaws. Fatal EXPENSIVE flaws, was bad enough. But, oh n
  13. Personally I view insurance as mainly a tax on vehicle.. or more particularly motorbike ownership. where the main incentive is to pay and never claim. in fact it can potentially be financially disastrous to make any kind of claim in your first year. They will absolutely screw you. Firstly you will only get a percentage of the vehicles value... even if its worth claiming. And then they will claw every penny back by massively increasing your premiums for years afterwards. so, my tip is forget about everything and concentrate solely on cost. use the comparison sites and find the cheap
  14. I see a massive controversy in the making.
  15. Until I came along... If you are in the right position to do the Direct Access Scheme. then do so. As pointed out this will be done on a 600cc. Over the years Ive seen so many who have gone down this route. From zero experience to a full license within weeks. One thing you don't see is regret that they made the wrong decision. In my view there is only one valid reason for anyone to begin on a 125.. and thats age/insurance. If you begin on a 125 then it makes sense to keep it for a year.. so, these are people who are planning ahead. ride the 125 for a year then do training and the
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