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  1. Seeing Cal win while wearing a Marquez hat from a seat in the stands at siberia filled with rossi fans made braving the awful weather worth it.
  2. I used to ride all year round but since having a car I really don't see the point unless it's a nice dry day and you can have a little fun, riding in shit conditions just for the sake of it doesn't compute with me, why risk you shiny pride and joy when a car is sat there?
  3. You really think Labour would get in with that Twat Corbyn in charge I didn't honestly think that labour could select a worse leader than millbland but they have I know right some choice were left with!
  4. techno

    Europe trip!

    The rates we got were more than acceptable last time we did it.
  5. I have no idea how the points work, I tried to work it out because I was surprised to find I'd climbed to 193rd place.
  6. I just tried to understand the scoring system.
  7. techno

    Europe trip!

    What he means is Keith will walk into hotels to ask about rooms! We better get good weather!
  8. Ps4 all the way and I know a lot of xbox360 owners that swapped when current gen came out. I guess it may also boil down to which system people you may game with own.
  9. It truly is a disgraceful mess. I just made some transfers now it won't allow me to cancel them and pick something else. Mcn should be ashamed of this garbage.
  10. How about you d a little research into it yourself before the vote and maybe you might change your mind and actually cast your vote one way or the other? You may find there is any issue or issues you really don't agree with or something you actually feel passionate about that could sway you one way or the other. No one in this thread really knows what the outcome will produce but they have looked into certain issues whether speculation or fact. Surely it's better than just going through life not caring one way or the other as I'm guessing most of us will never possess the full facts f
  11. A friend of mine apparently managed to do a transfer on Sat after race one and didn't get points for either transferred rider even though both scored points..what a mess
  12. This seems to be the worst frr there come up with yet, transfers every race seems pretty dumb, now low cost riders are pretty much place holders. The system they had before seemed to work, multiple races in a round added needed some planning this system just smash in 2 best riders you can get for that weekend! So unless I'm missing something it's going to be pretty hard to bridge any gaps.
  13. Thing is me and Clive are looking at ours and the scores still make no sense, in fact Clive still has no points for sykes lol
  14. Think you'll find its different now it's been sorted.
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