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  1. Alright mate I'm iom but possibly doing a raven run next Thursday if all is good
  2. I may be biased on this but have you thought about a vtr firestorm...excellent bikes and so easy to ride, you would get a minter for far less than your budget, just a thought
  3. complete prick,some people think they can get away with anything when visiting the island and as you've said just end up spoiling it for others,hope the dog makes a full recovery and the rider in question picks an argument with the wrong man in the pub tonight
  4. Nice bike ,some good roads not far from you,as a 1st ride head towards Nantwich then take the back roads to Crewe some decent lanes round your way,just take it easy and you'll be reet
  5. had a late start but good day out.....didn't realise how bloody cold it was though
  6. anyone thinking of going the raven tomorrow for the big breakfast meet ?
  7. Know 2lads who bought from them and had issues that weren't sorted don't get me wrong they didn't push it enough IMO and the very small warranty had ran out,I've looked there a few times and seen what look like some decent bikes and also seen some over priced sheds,reminds me of the old d&k set up as in you pay your money and take your chance,save some money and buy private
  8. Some of us like to do a B&B as do some of the "senior" members (read old fogies!) and unfortunately squires doesn't have this facility Thanks for the suggestion though sorry I thought squires done camping,caravaning and b&b or at least they used to...might be my senior( old fogie) memeroy playing tricks though lol, could be tempted if it's a possibility for future rallies if not this one
  9. I know I'm not down as attending but have you considered squires as a venue? might be worth a look depending on where people are traveling from.....ok I'll f**k off and mind my own business before someone else tells me to
  10. Going to be collecting at start and end of run, will probably have a vr46 hat on so if you see us come say hi
  11. I think my reg rec is f**ked
  12. yes I loved watching it but thanks for reminding me I aint a young un no more
  13. Will probably be there collecting for nwaa will let you know if I'm going to be at the start or the end of the run nearer the time
  14. Used to buy loads but realised riding is better than reading about it ....saying that if streetfighters was still a monthly mag then I'd still be buying it,shame it went used to be some awesome bikes in it
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