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  1. the disk should be flat(perfectly) sometimes when the disk overheats, it kinda turns into a shallow cone(imagine the rim round the edge of a plate.) when the put the brake on this flexes flat under pad pressure and gives a spongy feel. Get down with a torch, get a mate to apply and front brake on/off, and check for the disk itself flexing in any way.
  2. If it locks up intermittantly Id guess maybe a couple of things: Piston broken/cracked, and catching on the edges of the ports, would be hellish noisy tho when it did spin over. Possible bottom end seizure, maybe bearings in main bearings misplaced, or possibly a damaged or cracked gear in the primary drive. One other thought, where has all the coolant gone?? if the base gasket or head gasket has failed, all the pretty green coolant may well be sitting in the bottom of the engine, causing the primary compression to be huge, and stopping the motor spin over. Quit guessing and pull the h
  3. Drain carbs(little drain screw on the bottom of each), drain fuel. Refil with fresh fuel, and X fingers. If it still refuses to run, remove carbs, strip, clean, and away you go.
  4. But a good fitting ARAI. You only get 1 chance at life.
  5. why bellyache because they are upholding the law? its there , always has been, we have more sophisticated ways to break it, they have more sophisticated ways to catch us..... So what? They have been making it awkward to break the speed laws for years, mebbe thats why track days have become popular eh? either way, its not gonna change, get over it, book a track day, or grow a massive set and take the plates off and run the cat n fiddle at speed. its still a nice road, even at legal speeds.
  6. have a look on pentagongps.co.uk , its where I work, and I know we are just about cheapest in the uk. rolla
  7. I prefer u locks to fasten the bike to itself, or something. Find somewhere that you only just have space to get the lock in, then its harder to cut, or jack apart. If its accesible, or theres a loop of chain coiled up on the floor, its easy to cut. If its taught with hardly any chain/locl visible, its hard to get to.
  8. if you are selling the bike in a few months, and want to patch it up, go steel, but Id say stainless, its also a good selling point when you get shut of it
  9. after looking at the pics tho, it doesnt look too bad.
  10. Yeah, if you have doubts, then you kinda know the answer. If you think that any scratch/gouge is a stress raiser, and its polycarb, so no mixed up fibres so stop cracks spreading, Id go new. hey, its your head tho.
  11. Theres no mention of 'torn scrotum' Really, Id prefer to forget that particular biking injury........
  12. Good, you bought a quality helmet. AGV,SHOEI ARAI all good brands. Personal preference is ARAI, Ive had the others, and made a decision based on fit/quality. Like I said, you get 1 head, its pretty fragile, take care of it eh!
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